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Following is a listing of over 4,500 personal memorial pages on this site for men who have been lost while in service in the US Submarine Force. The thirty U.S. Marines carried on the submarines USS Argonaut and USS Nautilus lost in the Makin Island Raid are also included on this list.

For information arranged by the name of the vessel, please view the WWII Boats, the Pre-WWII Boats, or the Post-WWII Boats pages on this site.  There are also "Additional Losses" pages for listings of men were lost while serving on vessels that were not sunk.

If you would like to add photos or information regarding submariners “on eternal patrol,” please email us at: info@OnEternalPatrol.com 

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  Name Name (Last Name First)
A David Louis Aarhaus Aarhaus, David Louis
  Basil Martinez Abad Abad, Basil Martinez
  Howard Joseph Abbott Abbott, Howard Joseph
  Oscar Allen Abbott Abbott, Oscar Allen
  Roy Emerson Abbott Abbott, Roy Emerson
  Donald Arthur Abel Abel, Donald Arthur
  John Henry Abel Abel, John Henry


Mannert Lincoln Abele Abele, Mannert Lincoln
  David Murchie Abercrombie Abercrombie, David Murchie
  Paul Ray Abnet Abnet, Paul Ray
  Alexander Julius Abrahamson Abrahamson, Alexander Julius
  Arthur Abrahamson Abrahamson, Arthur
  Lloyd Leon Abram Abram, Lloyd Leon
  Chester Lee Abrams Abrams, Chester Lee
  Donald Bradley Abrams Abrams, Donald Bradley
  Fred Philip Abrams Abrams, Fred Philip
  Louis James Abruzzio Abruzzio, Louis James
  Neal Anderson Absher Absher, Neal Anderson
  LeRoy Albert Abts Abts, LeRoy Albert
  John George Accardy Accardy, John George
  Edward Ackerman Ackerman, Edward
  James William Ackley Ackley, James William
  Rolando Acosta Acosta, Rolando
  Charles Thomas Acreback Acreback, Charles Thomas
  Roy Adair Adair, Roy
  Albert Wellington Adams Adams, Albert Wellington
  Harry Edward Adams Adams, Harry Edward
  James Donald Adams Adams, James Donald
  John Clausel Adams, Jr. Adams, John Clausel, Jr.
  Leonard William Adams Adams, Leonard William
  Ralph Francis Adams Adams, Ralph Francis
  Robert Brown Adams Adams, Robert Brown
  Steven Douglas Adams Adams, Steven Douglas
  Thomas Bryant Adams, Jr. Adams, Thomas Bryant, Jr.
  Wendell Shirley Adams Adams, Wendell Shirley
  William Henry Adams Adams, William Henry
  James Marshall Adamson Adamson, James Marshall
  Theodore Thomas Addy Addy, Theodore Thomas
  Alfred Aiple, Jr. Aiple, Alfred, Jr.
  James Andrew Aitken Aitken, James Andrew
  Virgil James Albright Albright, Virgil James
  Ralph Edwin Aldrich, Jr. Aldrich, Ralph Edwin, Jr.
  Charles Henry Alexander Alexander, Charles Henry
  Frank Elgin Alexander Alexander, Frank Elgin
  James Shirley Alexander Alexander, James Shirley
  Jerry Raymond Alexander Alexander, Jerry Raymond
  Robert Dean Alexander Alexander, Robert Dean
  Issac V. Algaze Algaze, Issac V.
  Clifford Young Alkema Alkema, Clifford Young
  Robert V. Allard Allard, Robert V.
  William Fabian Allard Allard, William Fabian
  Daniel Emery Allen Allen, Daniel Emery
  Don Earl Allen Allen, Don Earl
  Dwayne Dale Allen Allen, Dwayne Dale
  James Douglas Allen Allen, James Douglas
  Keith Alexander Martin Allen Allen, Keith Alexander Martin
  Nelson John Allen Allen, Nelson John
  Philip Harcourt Allen Allen, Philip Harcourt
  Robert Walker Allen Allen, Robert Walker
  Defoie Allison Allison, Defoie
  Mervin Wilcox Allmon Allmon, Mervin Wilcox
  Thomas Alloway Alloway, Thomas
  Alberto Gonçalves Rosauro  de Almeida Almeida, Alberto Gonçalves Rosauro  de
  Emiliano A. Almero Almero, Emiliano A.
  Augustus Howard Alston, Jr. Alston, Augustus Howard, Jr.
  Charles Raymond Altherr Altherr, Charles Raymond
  Paul Duval Aman Aman, Paul Duval
  Standley Ambo Ambo, Standley
  Eugene Allan Ambro Ambro, Eugene Allan
  Lawrence Maxon Amburgey Amburgey, Lawrence Maxon
  Leroy Arthur Amick Amick, Leroy Arthur
  Jeffrey Alan Ammon Ammon, Jeffrey Alan
  Thomas Edward Amtower Amtower, Thomas Edward
  Donald William Anders Anders, Donald William
  Floyd Roland Anders Anders, Floyd Roland
  Bruce Mason Anderson Anderson, Bruce Mason
  Donald Frank Anderson Anderson, Donald Frank
  Edward Franklin Anderson Anderson, Edward Franklin
  Fred Harvey Anderson Anderson, Fred Harvey
  Glen Willard Anderson Anderson, Glen Willard
  Gustav Ivar Anderson, Jr. Anderson, Gustav Ivar, Jr.
  Harold Andrew Anderson Anderson, Harold Andrew
  Harry Earl Anderson Anderson, Harry Earl
  John Leonard Anderson, Jr. Anderson, John Leonard, Jr.
  John Patrick Anderson Anderson, John Patrick
  John Ruben Daugherty Anderson Anderson, John Ruben Daugherty
  Larz Ernest Anderson Anderson, Larz Ernest
  Lawrence DeForest Anderson Anderson, Lawrence DeForest
  Martin Anderson Anderson, Martin
  Orville Walter Anderson Anderson, Orville Walter
  Phillip Edward Anderson Anderson, Phillip Edward
  Sam George Anderson Anderson, Sam George
  Victor John Anderson Anderson, Victor John
  William Robert Anderson Anderson, William Robert
  Richard Winters Andes Andes, Richard Winters
  Harold Doyle Andrews Andrews, Harold Doyle
  Joseph Stephen Andrews Andrews, Joseph Stephen
  Charles Andriolo Andriolo, Charles
  William Ankeny Ankeny, William
  Charles Anker Anker, Charles
  George Gile Annable Annable, George Gile
  Leonard McGuire Anstine Anstine, Leonard McGuire
  Bruce Louie Anthony Anthony, Bruce Louie
  Homer Anthony Anthony, Homer
  Tomas Aragon Apatan Apatan, Tomas Aragon
  John Apen Apen, John
  John David Apking Apking, John David
  Eugenio Apostol Apostol, Eugenio
  Jesse Leo Appel Appel, Jesse Leo
  Charles Whitney Appleton Appleton, Charles Whitney
  James Ira Appling Appling, James Ira
  Dionisio Apsay Apsay, Dionisio
  Ignacio Arbozo Arbozo, Ignacio
  Howard Warren Archer Archer, Howard Warren
  Edgar E. Argersinger Argersinger, Edgar E.
  Michel Arguin Arguin, Michel
  James Elbert Armstrong Armstrong, James Elbert
  Eugene Arnath Arnath, Eugene
  John Bertram Arnaud Arnaud, John Bertram
  Buford Young Arney Arney, Buford Young
  Daniel Eugene Arnold Arnold, Daniel Eugene
  Don Trenton Arnold Arnold, Don Trenton
  Roy Gordon Arold Arold, Roy Gordon
  Fred Leroy Arp Arp, Fred Leroy
  Ernest Aime Arsenault Arsenault, Ernest Aime
  Tilmon Joseph Arsenault Arsenault, Tilmon Joseph
  Herbert Joseph Arvan Arvan, Herbert Joseph
  Marion Lee Asa Asa, Marion Lee
  George Thomas Ashcroft  Ashcroft, George Thomas 
  Josephus Marion Asher, II Asher, Josephus Marion, II
  Joseph Allen Ashley Ashley, Joseph Allen
  Thomas Edward Ashton, Jr. Ashton, Thomas Edward, Jr.
  Keon A. Askew Askew, Keon A.
  John Michael Astarita Astarita, John Michael
  Steven Blair Atencio Atencio, Steven Blair
  John Doane Atwood Atwood, John Doane
  Frederick Lester Auchard Auchard, Frederick Lester
  Sestilio John Aureli Aureli, Sestilio John
  William LeRoy Austin Austin, William LeRoy
  Benjamin Franklin Autrey Autrey, Benjamin Franklin
  Joseph Shuler Avera, Jr. Avera, Joseph Shuler, Jr.
  Fred Charles Averill, Jr. Averill, Fred Charles, Jr.
  Edward Newton Ayer Ayer, Edward Newton
  John Joseph Azzara Azzara, John Joseph
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B Joseph Anthony Baar, Jr. Baar, Joseph Anthony, Jr.
  Thomas Babb Babb, Thomas
  Ronald Clare Babcock Babcock, Ronald Clare
  Robert Orville Baber Baber, Robert Orville
  Joseph William Babig Babig, Joseph William
  David Lee Bachman Bachman, David Lee
  Dewey Green Backer, Jr. Backer, Dewey Green, Jr.
  General William Bacon Bacon, General William
  Joseph S. Baczenski Baczenski, Joseph S.
  Donald Baeckler Baeckler, Donald
  Herbert Albert Baehr Baehr, Herbert Albert
  Robert William Baer Baer, Robert William
  Erven Eugene Jack Bagby Bagby, Erven Eugene Jack
  Paul Reginald Baggett Baggett, Paul Reginald
  Jerome Warren Baglien Baglien, Jerome Warren
  Allen Fraser Bailey Bailey, Allen Fraser
  Daniel Grant Bailey, Jr. Bailey, Daniel Grant, Jr.
  Donald Eugene Bailey Bailey, Donald Eugene
  John Billy Bailey Bailey, John Billy
  Laurence Leland Bailey Bailey, Laurence Leland
  Michael Jon Bailey Bailey, Michael Jon
  Robert Edmund Bailey Bailey, Robert Edmund
  Vincent Leonard Bailey Bailey, Vincent Leonard
  Ronald Eugene Bain Bain, Ronald Eugene
  Arthur Irvin Bair Bair, Arthur Irvin
  Charles Hugh Baker Baker, Charles Hugh
  Charles Marvin Baker Baker, Charles Marvin
  Ervin Nathaniel Baker Baker, Ervin Nathaniel
  Gilbert Speight Baker Baker, Gilbert Speight
  Glen Otis Baker Baker, Glen Otis
  Hermas Conrad Baker Baker, Hermas Conrad
  Walter McCormick Baker Baker, Walter McCormick
  William Alexander Baker, Jr. Baker, William Alexander, Jr.
  Lloyd Richard Balch Balch, Lloyd Richard
  Virgil Kenneth Baldwin Baldwin, Virgil Kenneth
  Salvatore Balestrieri Balestrieri, Salvatore
  Donald Lace Balfe Balfe, Donald Lace
  Clarence Monroe Ball Ball, Clarence Monroe
  James Robert Ball Ball, James Robert
  Louis Dixon Ball Ball, Louis Dixon
  Robert Benton Ball Ball, Robert Benton
  Robert Norman Ball Ball, Robert Norman
  Brewer Bernard Ballard Ballard, Brewer Bernard
  Francis Arden Ballard Ballard, Francis Arden
  Rusty Ballinger Ballinger, Rusty
  William Franklin Ballinger Ballinger, William Franklin
  August Frederick Ballman Ballman, August Frederick
  William Edward Ballou Ballou, William Edward
  George Joseph Banchero Banchero, George Joseph
  Paul Edward Banes Banes, Paul Edward
  Stanley Henry Bangert Bangert, Stanley Henry
  Paul Sherman Banister Banister, Paul Sherman
  Clyde Banks Banks, Clyde
  Jack Bannister Bannister, Jack
  Stephen Baran Baran, Stephen
  George Baranick Baranick, George
  Walter Henry Barber, Jr. Barber, Walter Henry, Jr.
  Harold Xen Barbour Barbour, Harold Xen
  Carl Donald Barckhoff Barckhoff, Carl Donald
  John Barcoozy, Jr. Barcoozy, John, Jr.
  Arnold Frank Bargenquast Bargenquast, Arnold Frank
  Charles Sherman Barker Barker, Charles Sherman
  James Benjamin Barker, Jr. Barker, James Benjamin, Jr.
  Allen Wheeler Barlow Barlow, Allen Wheeler
  George Robert Barlow Barlow, George Robert
  Woods Richardson Barlow Barlow, Woods Richardson
  Elwin Charles Barnes Barnes, Elwin Charles
  Frank Kenneth Barnes Barnes, Frank Kenneth
  James Edgar Barnett Barnett, James Edgar
  Luther Vaughter Barr Barr, Luther Vaughter
  Maximo Barrera Barrera, Maximo
  Donald Patrick Barrett Barrett, Donald Patrick
  Edward Burke Barrett Barrett, Edward Burke
  James Joseph Barrett Barrett, James Joseph
  John Francis Barrett Barrett, John Francis
  Milton Paul Barrett Barrett, Milton Paul
  Nicholas James Barrett Barrett, Nicholas James
  Robert Henry Barringer Barringer, Robert Henry
  Irvin Frank Barrios Barrios, Irvin Frank
  Paul Francis Barron Barron, Paul Francis
  Robert Leon Barrows Barrows, Robert Leon
  James Vincent Barry Barry, James Vincent
  Marvin Dale Barry Barry, Marvin Dale
  Richard Andrew Barta Barta, Richard Andrew
  Michael James Bartlett Bartlett, Michael James
  Renato Bartoli Bartoli, Renato
  Claude Anthony Barton, Jr. Barton, Claude Anthony, Jr.
  Edward John Barton Barton, Edward John
  Edward Ludwig Bartz Bartz, Edward Ludwig
  Eugene Francis Basche Basche, Eugene Francis
  John Basel Basel, John
  Odie Bass Bass, Odie
  Louis Dominick Basso Basso, Louis Dominick
  Joseph James Basta Basta, Joseph James
  Mack Bates Bates, Mack
  Charles Edwin Bath Bath, Charles Edwin
  Walter Kent Wilson Bathgate Bathgate, Walter Kent Wilson
  John James Batick Batick, John James
  Larry Claude Battles Battles, Larry Claude
  Burlin David Batton Batton, Burlin David
  Clinton Adam Bauer Bauer, Clinton Adam
  Edwin Clarence Bauer Bauer, Edwin Clarence
  Daniel Sparks Baughman, Jr. Baughman, Daniel Sparks, Jr.
  Russell Leigh Baum Baum, Russell Leigh
  Alvin Charles Baumbach Baumbach, Alvin Charles
  Kenneth Ripley Baumer Baumer, Kenneth Ripley
  Kenneth Herschel Baurmeister Baurmeister, Kenneth Herschel
  Lorren Lee Bausman Bausman, Lorren Lee
  Leslie Duane Bays Bays, Leslie Duane
  Pedro Fonantilla Baysa Baysa, Pedro Fonantilla
  John Thomas Beahan Beahan, John Thomas
  Daniel W. Beal, Jr. Beal, Daniel W., Jr.
  Robert Orrin Beane Beane, Robert Orrin
  Troy Martin Beatty Beatty, Troy Martin
  Lloyd Wilson Beaudette Beaudette, Lloyd Wilson
  Donald William Beaulieu Beaulieu, Donald William
  Edward Huntley Beaumont Beaumont, Edward Huntley
  Joseph A. R. Beauregard Beauregard, Joseph A. R.
  Amos Reed Beavers Beavers, Amos Reed
  Billy Mac Beck Beck, Billy Mac
  Claude Iziah Beck, Jr. Beck, Claude Iziah, Jr.
  Merle La Vaghn Beck Beck, Merle La Vaghn
  Robert Glen Beck Beck, Robert Glen
  William Berndt Beck Beck, William Berndt
  Frederick Edward Becker Becker, Frederick Edward
  Richard Holbrook Becker Becker, Richard Holbrook
  William Frederick Becker Becker, William Frederick
  Clarence Victor Beckley Beckley, Clarence Victor
  Frank Clinton Becton Becton, Frank Clinton
  Leo Joseph Isaie Bedard Bedard, Leo Joseph Isaie
  Thomas Walter Beecham Beecham, Thomas Walter
  James W. Beecher Beecher, James W.
  Russell Edward Beehler Beehler, Russell Edward
  Arthur Castles Beeman Beeman, Arthur Castles
  Edgar Melrose Beidleman, Jr. Beidleman, Edgar Melrose, Jr.
  Joseph John Beisler Beisler, Joseph John
  Gerald Edgar Bekke Bekke, Gerald Edgar
  Donald Lee Belcher Belcher, Donald Lee
  Michael Beley, Jr. Beley, Michael, Jr.
  Frederick Richard Bell Bell, Frederick Richard
  George Lavern Bell Bell, George Lavern
  Hollis Fields Bell Bell, Hollis Fields
  John Edward Bell Bell, John Edward
  Robert William Bell Bell, Robert William
  Ty Latt Bell Bell, Ty Latt
  Theodore Allen Bellard Bellard, Theodore Allen
  Stephan Sherwood Bellis Bellis, Stephan Sherwood
  Arthur Conley Belt Belt, Arthur Conley
  John Robert Belt Belt, John Robert
  Claude Joseph Benbennick Benbennick, Claude Joseph
  Joseph James Bender, Jr. Bender, Joseph James, Jr.
  Ralph Henry Benesch Benesch, Ralph Henry
  James Donald Benner Benner, James Donald
  James Kenneth Bennett, Jr. Bennett, James Kenneth, Jr.
  James Wesley Bennett Bennett, James Wesley
  John Joseph Bennett Bennett, John Joseph
  Richard Gordon Bennett Bennett, Richard Gordon
  Robert Jordan Bennett Bennett, Robert Jordan
  Thomas Walker Bennett, Jr. Bennett, Thomas Walker, Jr.
  Walter Amburn Benson Benson, Walter Amburn
  John Lewis Benton Benton, John Lewis
  Fred George Bentsen Bentsen, Fred George
  Rudolph Charles Beranek Beranek, Rudolph Charles
  Jimmie Clark Berg Berg, Jimmie Clark
  Donald Lee Bergadine Bergadine, Donald Lee
  Marcelino Taclob Bergado Bergado, Marcelino Taclob
  Patrick Kenneth Bergevin Bergevin, Patrick Kenneth
  William Vincent Bergfeld Bergfeld, William Vincent
  Edwin Frederick Bergman Bergman, Edwin Frederick
  Julius John Bergman Bergman, Julius John
  Paul Daniel Berk Berk, Paul Daniel
  Frank Matthew Bernard Bernard, Frank Matthew
  Neil Thomas Berresford Berresford, Neil Thomas
  Howard Burton Berry, Jr. Berry, Howard Burton, Jr.
  Ivan James Berry Berry, Ivan James
  Theodore Stanley Berry Berry, Theodore Stanley
  Warren Rawling Berry Berry, Warren Rawling
  Walter Eugene Bertram Bertram, Walter Eugene
  Lucien Raymond Besnot Besnot, Lucien Raymond
  Clarence Ferdinand Bethke Bethke, Clarence Ferdinand
  John Earl Betsill Betsill, John Earl
  Walter Francis Beutelspacher Beutelspacher, Walter Francis
  Ernest Melton Bever Bever, Ernest Melton
  Carl McCasland Bickham Bickham, Carl McCasland
  John Cunningham Brakey Biddle Biddle, John Cunningham Brakey
  William Paul Biebuyck Biebuyck, William Paul
  Robert Donald Biederman Biederman, Robert Donald
  Henry Forbes Bigelow, Jr. Bigelow, Henry Forbes, Jr.
  Vernon Joseph Biggy Biggy, Vernon Joseph
  Tobias Raphael Biller Biller, Tobias Raphael
  Henry William Billimek Billimek, Henry William
  John Hilary Billings Billings, John Hilary
  Richard Stanley Billingsley, Jr. Billingsley, Richard Stanley, Jr.
  Michael Billy Billy, Michael
  Paul Harris Birchfield Birchfield, Paul Harris
  John Benjamin Bird Bird, John Benjamin
  Charles Acle Bishop Bishop, Charles Acle
  Walter Bishop Bishop, Walter
  Walter William Bishop Bishop, Walter William
  Frederick Nicholas Bisogno Bisogno, Frederick Nicholas
  Robert Dudley Bissell Bissell, Robert Dudley
  Girard Joseph Bitz Bitz, Girard Joseph
  William Harry Bivens Bivens, William Harry
  Charles Herman Bjornson Bjornson, Charles Herman
  Curtheal Black Black, Curtheal
  Henry Roy Black, Jr. Black, Henry Roy, Jr.
  James Anthony Black Black, James Anthony
  Robert Armstrong Black Black, Robert Armstrong
  Edward Richard Blackburn Blackburn, Edward Richard
  Wilbur Burdett Blackburn Blackburn, Wilbur Burdett
  Edward Brown Blackmon Blackmon, Edward Brown
  Harold Harvey Blackston Blackston, Harold Harvey
  Leonard Ode Blagg Blagg, Leonard Ode
  Frank Blaha Blaha, Frank
  Gerald Ralph Blair Blair, Gerald Ralph
  Jack Lee Blair Blair, Jack Lee
  Michael Reid Blake Blake, Michael Reid
  David Jay Blakely Blakely, David Jay
  Edward Noe Blakely Blakely, Edward Noe
  Robert Philip Blanan Blanan, Robert Philip
  Joseph Roger Leo Blanchard Blanchard, Joseph Roger Leo
  Lionel Phillip Blanchard Blanchard, Lionel Phillip
  Walter Raleigh Blanchard Blanchard, Walter Raleigh
  Walter Alexander Blanchette Blanchette, Walter Alexander
  Walter Simon Blank Blank, Walter Simon
  Archie Leonard Blankenship Blankenship, Archie Leonard
  Robert Pershing Blauvelt Blauvelt, Robert Pershing
  Walter Earl Blaylock Blaylock, Walter Earl
  LeRoy Joseph Bleasdell Bleasdell, LeRoy Joseph
  James Henry Blessing Blessing, James Henry
  J. T. Blevins Blevins, J. T.
  Howard James Blind Blind, Howard James
  Wesley Hope Blinston Blinston, Wesley Hope
  Robert Harold Blocker Blocker, Robert Harold
  Leonard Eugene Blodgett Blodgett, Leonard Eugene
  Ralph Bloodsworth Bloodsworth, Ralph
  Charles Wayne Bloomer Bloomer, Charles Wayne
  Arthur George Blum Blum, Arthur George
  Carl Blum Blum, Carl
  Robert Aloyious Blum Blum, Robert Aloyious
  Primo Luigi Bobba Bobba, Primo Luigi
  Edgar Solon Bobbitt Bobbitt, Edgar Solon
  John Ben Bodak Bodak, John Ben
  John Lloyd Boddie Boddie, John Lloyd
  John Edward Bodenrader Bodenrader, John Edward
  Joseph Martin Boeding Boeding, Joseph Martin
  Jerome Peter Boehles Boehles, Jerome Peter
  Wesley Clement Bogdan Bogdan, Wesley Clement
  John Witte Bogert Bogert, John Witte
  Robert Joseph Bohler Bohler, Robert Joseph
  Thomas Leroy Bohn Bohn, Thomas Leroy
  John Joseph Boland Boland, John Joseph
  John Archibald Bole, Jr. Bole, John Archibald, Jr.
  Bryan E. Boley Boley, Bryan E.
  Kenneth Patrick Bolger Bolger, Kenneth Patrick
  Melvin Vern Bolles Bolles, Melvin Vern
  Dallas Victor Bolon Bolon, Dallas Victor
  Michael Francis Bolsinger Bolsinger, Michael Francis
  John Alden Bolton Bolton, John Alden
  Kenneth Wilmer Bolz Bolz, Kenneth Wilmer
  John Frederick Bolze Bolze, John Frederick
  Nicholas Richard Bonadies Bonadies, Nicholas Richard
  Dwaine Gale Bond Bond, Dwaine Gale
  Richard D. Bond Bond, Richard D.
  Robert Vernon Bond Bond, Robert Vernon
  Robert Eugene Bones Bones, Robert Eugene
  Robert Alexander Bonin Bonin, Robert Alexander
  Benjamin Wallace Bonk Bonk, Benjamin Wallace
  James Clair Bonnett Bonnett, James Clair
  Albert Marion Bontier Bontier, Albert Marion
  Robert Francis Boo Boo, Robert Francis
  John Winston Booker Booker, John Winston
  William Dawson Booker Booker, William Dawson
  Charles Russell Boone Boone, Charles Russell
  Earl Welsh Boone Boone, Earl Welsh
  Josiah Alexander Boone Boone, Josiah Alexander
  Raymond Booth Booth, Raymond
  William Lewis Booth Booth, William Lewis
  Robert W. Bordelon, Jr. Bordelon, Robert W., Jr.
  Ervin Anthony Borlick Borlick, Ervin Anthony
  Walter Eugene Borusiewicz Borusiewicz, Walter Eugene
  John George Bossong Bossong, John George
  Gerald Charles Boster Boster, Gerald Charles
  Leo Joseph Boucher Boucher, Leo Joseph
  Ralph Irving Boucher Boucher, Ralph Irving
  Wilfred Joseph Boucher Boucher, Wilfred Joseph
  Frank Kenneth Boughton Boughton, Frank Kenneth
  Sumter Bourg Bourg, Sumter
  Joseph Hunt Bourland Bourland, Joseph Hunt
  Chester Lewis Bouvia Bouvia, Chester Lewis
  Earl Ellis Bowen Bowen, Earl Ellis
  William Walter Bower Bower, William Walter
  Frank Howard Bowers Bowers, Frank Howard
  Gordon Albert Bowker Bowker, Gordon Albert
  Donald William Bowlby Bowlby, Donald William
  Charles Bartlett Bowman Bowman, Charles Bartlett
  Henry Aaron Bowman Bowman, Henry Aaron
  Joseph R. Boyarchurck Boyarchurck, Joseph R.
  Thomas Boychulk Boychulk, Thomas
  John Boyd Boyd, John
  Stephen S. Boyd Boyd, Stephen S.
  Thomas Ray Boyd Boyd, Thomas Ray
  Forrest Lyddle Boyer Boyer, Forrest Lyddle
  George Boyne, Jr. Boyne, George, Jr.
  Robert Henry Boyt Boyt, Robert Henry
  Charles Edward Brabham Brabham, Charles Edward
  George Bracey Bracey, George
  Perry Carr Bragg Bragg, Perry Carr
  Andrew Earl Braley Braley, Andrew Earl
  James Earl Branch Branch, James Earl
  Fred Erven Branchaud Branchaud, Fred Erven
  William Branchen, Jr. Branchen, William, Jr.
  Archie Fredrick Brandt Brandt, Archie Fredrick
  James Lester Brandt Brandt, James Lester
  Norbert Arthur Brandt Brandt, Norbert Arthur
  Francis William Braniger Braniger, Francis William
  Richard Paul Brann Brann, Richard Paul
  Allan Rose Brannam Brannam, Allan Rose
  Thomas Leo Brannan Brannan, Thomas Leo
  Bill Clinton Brannum Brannum, Bill Clinton
  Harold Joseph Brant Brant, Harold Joseph
  Ben Alvin Branum, Jr. Branum, Ben Alvin, Jr.
  William Jack Brasch Brasch, William Jack
  Harold Edward Brazee Brazee, Harold Edward
  Charles Edward Breeden Breeden, Charles Edward
  Charles Woodson Breithaupt, Jr. Breithaupt, Charles Woodson, Jr.
  Louis Joseph Brendle Brendle, Louis Joseph
  Ralph Emory Brendlinger Brendlinger, Ralph Emory
  James Joseph Brennan Brennan, James Joseph
  Ralph John Brennan Brennan, Ralph John
  Walter Allen Brereton Brereton, Walter Allen
  Bernard Vincent Bresette Bresette, Bernard Vincent
  Jayson Matthew Brettin Brettin, Jayson Matthew
  John Wilson Breunig Breunig, John Wilson
  William Bryan Brewer, Jr. Brewer, William Bryan, Jr.
  John Edward Brey Brey, John Edward
  Robert Stuart Bridge Bridge, Robert Stuart
  Harold Randall Bridgstock Bridgstock, Harold Randall
  Frederick Merritt Briggs Briggs, Frederick Merritt
  Charles Frederic Brindupke Brindupke, Charles Frederic
  Robert  Marion Brinker Brinker, Robert  Marion
  Don Baily Bristow Bristow, Don Baily
  Wardour Laverne Britain Britain, Wardour Laverne
  Harold Nathaniel Britt Britt, Harold Nathaniel
  Melvin Louis Britt Britt, Melvin Louis
  Richard Cloyd Brittingham Brittingham, Richard Cloyd
  Richard Lindsay Britton Britton, Richard Lindsay
  Aaron Brock Brock, Aaron
  Kenneth Ray Brocker Brocker, Kenneth Ray
  Albert Fremont Brocklesby Brocklesby, Albert Fremont
  Robert John Brockman Brockman, Robert John
  Glenn John Broecker Broecker, Glenn John
  Gilbert Brokman Brokman, Gilbert
  John Jack Bronder Bronder, John Jack
  Robert Burton Bronson Bronson, Robert Burton
  Carl Brooks Brooks, Carl
  George Savage Brooks, Jr. Brooks, George Savage, Jr.
  Malcolm Marion Brooks Brooks, Malcolm Marion
  Russell Alexander Brooks Brooks, Russell Alexander
  William Jeremiah Brooks Brooks, William Jeremiah
  Henry Earl Brossy Brossy, Henry Earl
  Wayne Allen Brostrom Brostrom, Wayne Allen
  Frank Brouskie Brouskie, Frank
  Maurice Joseph Brousseau Brousseau, Maurice Joseph
  Arthur Shearer Brown Brown, Arthur Shearer
  Charles Newton Brown Brown, Charles Newton
  Charles Richard Brown Brown, Charles Richard
  Donald Raymond Brown Brown, Donald Raymond
  Ellis Richard Brown Brown, Ellis Richard
  Ellis Samuel Brown, Jr. Brown, Ellis Samuel, Jr.
  Eugene Everett Brown Brown, Eugene Everett
  Francis Elwood Brown Brown, Francis Elwood
  Frederick Virgil Brown Brown, Frederick Virgil
  Harry Allen Brown Brown, Harry Allen
  Henry Handy Brown Brown, Henry Handy
  Hugh Dorsey Brown Brown, Hugh Dorsey
  John Chris Brown Brown, John Chris
  John Franklin Brown Brown, John Franklin
  John Warren Brown Brown, John Warren
  Kenneth Dale Brown Brown, Kenneth Dale
  Leon Maurice Brown Brown, Leon Maurice
  Milton Victor Brown Brown, Milton Victor
  Robert Joseph Brown Brown, Robert Joseph
  Robert Thomas Brown Brown, Robert Thomas
  Roderick Wayne Brown Brown, Roderick Wayne
  Thomas Vincent Brown Brown, Thomas Vincent
  Weldon Junior Brown Brown, Weldon Junior
  Charles Darrow Browne Browne, Charles Darrow
  Robert Evans Brownell Brownell, Robert Evans
  Chester Eugene Browning Browning, Chester Eugene
  David Livingstone Browning, Jr. Browning, David Livingstone, Jr.
  James Auswell Browning Browning, James Auswell
  Ned Erskine Browning Browning, Ned Erskine
  Eugene Brownlow Brownlow, Eugene
  Sidney Brownstein Brownstein, Sidney
  Elton Stanley Brubaker Brubaker, Elton Stanley
  Fred Lee Brubeck Brubeck, Fred Lee
  Clifford Leslie Bruce Bruce, Clifford Leslie
  Werner Larry Bruderer Bruderer, Werner Larry
  James Kenneth Brueggeman Brueggeman, James Kenneth
  Ralph Murray Brume Brume, Ralph Murray
  Friedrick Leopold Brunner Brunner, Friedrick Leopold
  Robert Francis Brunner, Jr. Brunner, Robert Francis, Jr.
  Walter Allen Bruns, Jr. Bruns, Walter Allen, Jr.
  Robert Eugene Bryan Bryan, Robert Eugene
  Herbert Kenneth Bubp Bubp, Herbert Kenneth
  Wilson Noble Buchan Buchan, Wilson Noble
  Laverne Andrew Buchenau Buchenau, Laverne Andrew
  Clark George Buck Buck, Clark George
  James R. Buck, II Buck, James R., II
  John Edward Buck, Sr. Buck, John Edward, Sr.
  William Emmett Buckey, Jr. Buckey, William Emmett, Jr.
  James Joseph Buckley (of USS R-12) Buckley, James Joseph
  James Joseph Buckley (of USS Pompano) Buckley, James Joseph
  James Parr Buckley Buckley, James Parr
  Thomas Wooldridge Buckner Buckner, Thomas Wooldridge
  Kadzmir Joseph Buczek Buczek, Kadzmir Joseph
  George Batara Bueno Bueno, George Batara
  Thaddeus Bukowski Bukowski, Thaddeus
  Calvin Arthur Bull Bull, Calvin Arthur
  Howard Marion Bullard Bullard, Howard Marion
  Nugent Anthony Burasco Burasco, Nugent Anthony
  Austin Oliver Buratte Buratte, Austin Oliver
  Herbert Hodge Burch Burch, Herbert Hodge
  Jesse Marvin Burch Burch, Jesse Marvin
  Edwin Bruno Burchart Burchart, Edwin Bruno
  William Elmo Burdette Burdette, William Elmo
  Charles Austin Burdick Burdick, Charles Austin
  Robert Karl Burdick Burdick, Robert Karl
  William Wilson Burgan Burgan, William Wilson
  Leo Burger Burger, Leo
  John Patrick Burke Burke, John Patrick
  Timothy Burkett Burkett, Timothy
  James Joseph Burnett Burnett, James Joseph
  Daniel Paul Burns, Jr. Burns, Daniel Paul, Jr.
  John Edward Burns Burns, John Edward
  Richard Brammall Burns Burns, Richard Brammall
  Robert Patrick Burns Burns, Robert Patrick
  Rolland T. Burns Burns, Rolland T.
  William Burns Burns, William
  William David Burns, Jr. Burns, William David, Jr.
  William Henry Burnside, Jr. Burnside, William Henry, Jr.
  Charles Frederick Burrell Burrell, Charles Frederick
  David Lee Burrell Burrell, David Lee
  Maurice Thurman Burress Burress, Maurice Thurman
  George Owen Burroughs Burroughs, George Owen
  Charles E. Burton Burton, Charles E.
  David William Burton Burton, David William
  Paul Willits Burton Burton, Paul Willits
  Claude Robert Busby Busby, Claude Robert
  Marvin Joseph Busby Busby, Marvin Joseph
  William Robert Busch Busch, William Robert
  Arlyn Bush Bush, Arlyn
  James Whitcomb Bush, Jr. Bush, James Whitcomb, Jr.
  John Bush Bush, John
  Rodney Francis Bush Bush, Rodney Francis
  David Butler Butler, David
  George Dwight Butler Butler, George Dwight
  Marcy Horner Butler Butler, Marcy Horner
  Robert Leon Butler Butler, Robert Leon
  William Mann Butler Butler, William Mann
  Joseph Alfred Butor Butor, Joseph Alfred
  Leo Elmer Butters Butters, Leo Elmer
  Harold Butts Butts, Harold
  Rudolph Francis Buzek Buzek, Rudolph Francis
  Clyde Eugene Byers Byers, Clyde Eugene
  Ronald Lee Byers Byers, Ronald Lee
  Walker Kohler Byers, Jr. Byers, Walker Kohler, Jr.
  Rufus Hardy Bynum Bynum, Rufus Hardy
  Jack Rudolph Byrd Byrd, Jack Rudolph
  Clark Richard Byrer Byrer, Clark Richard
  Danford Anthony Byron Byron, Danford Anthony
  Grady G. Byus, Jr. Byus, Grady G., Jr.
  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top  
C Isaac Cabase Cabase, Isaac
  Diego Cacciato, Jr. Cacciato, Diego, Jr.
  Nicholas John Cado Cado, Nicholas John
  Columbus L. Cagle, Jr. Cagle, Columbus L., Jr.
  Joseph Michael Cahill Cahill, Joseph Michael
  James Francis Peder Cahl Cahl, James Francis Peder
  Vern Wesley Cain Cain, Vern Wesley
  Peter Caioly Caioly, Peter
  Richard Lawrence Calabrese Calabrese, Richard Lawrence
  Herbert Andrew Calcaterra Calcaterra, Herbert Andrew
  Charles Beresford Calcott Calcott, Charles Beresford
  Broadus Monroe Caldwell Caldwell, Broadus Monroe
  George Earl Caldwell Caldwell, George Earl
  Leland J. D. Caldwell Caldwell, Leland J. D.
  William Thomas Caldwell, Jr. Caldwell, William Thomas, Jr.
  Waid Bertram Calhoun Calhoun, Waid Bertram
  James Burdell Call Call, James Burdell
  Foster Thomas Callahan Callahan, Foster Thomas
  John Joseph Callahan, Jr. Callahan, John Joseph, Jr.
  Perry Charles Callahan Callahan, Perry Charles
  Kenneth Thomas Callan Callan, Kenneth Thomas
  William Franklin Callaway Callaway, William Franklin
  Charles Franklin Calvert Calvert, Charles Franklin
  John Nelson Cambron Cambron, John Nelson
  Carmine Joseph Campana Campana, Carmine Joseph
  Brian Neal Campbell Campbell, Brian Neal
  Crawford Keller Campbell Campbell, Crawford Keller
  Duglas Leroy Campbell Campbell, Duglas Leroy
  Geoffrey C. Campbell Campbell, Geoffrey C.
  Jack Gordon Campbell Campbell, Jack Gordon
  John Campbell Campbell, John
  John Judson Campbell Campbell, John Judson
  John Stephenson Campbell Campbell, John Stephenson
  Joseph Augustus Campbell Campbell, Joseph Augustus
  Kenneth Saville Campbell Campbell, Kenneth Saville
  Nathaniel Campbell Campbell, Nathaniel
  Wilbur Edward Campbell Campbell, Wilbur Edward
  Edwin Canady Canady, Edwin
  Kenneth Thomas Canfield Canfield, Kenneth Thomas
  W. R. Cannady Cannady, W. R.
  Patrick Joseph Cannon Cannon, Patrick Joseph
  Robert Lester Cappel Cappel, Robert Lester
  Ross Lillard Capshaw Capshaw, Ross Lillard
  John Joseph Carano Carano, John Joseph
  Samuel J. Cardullo Cardullo, Samuel J.
  Francis King Carey, II Carey, Francis King, II
  Robert Emmett Carey Carey, Robert Emmett
  James Purcell Carithers Carithers, James Purcell
  Richard James Carkoski Carkoski, Richard James
  William Ernest Carleton Carleton, William Ernest
  Stanley Herbert Carlisle Carlisle, Stanley Herbert
  Robert William Carlson Carlson, Robert William
  William Edwin Carlson Carlson, William Edwin
  Patrick Wayne Carmody Carmody, Patrick Wayne
  Darrell Kentral Carnahan Carnahan, Darrell Kentral
  Robert Jack Carnegie Carnegie, Robert Jack
  James Ralph Carney Carney, James Ralph
  Charles Lee Carpenter Carpenter, Charles Lee
  Gary James Carpenter Carpenter, Gary James
  James Louis Carpenter Carpenter, James Louis
  William Theodore Carpenter Carpenter, William Theodore
  Allan Harold Carr Carr, Allan Harold
  William John Carr Carr, William John
  William Kenneth Carr Carr, William Kenneth
  Pasquale Charles Carracino Carracino, Pasquale Charles
  Russel Eugene Carrico Carrico, Russel Eugene
  Patrick Anthony Carrier Carrier, Patrick Anthony
  Malcolm Dillard Carroll Carroll, Malcolm Dillard
  Ray Clifford Carroll Carroll, Ray Clifford
  Richard Harry Carroll Carroll, Richard Harry
  Morris A. Cartee Cartee, Morris A.
  Andrew Jordan Carter Carter, Andrew Jordan
  Herbert Earl Carter Carter, Herbert Earl
  James Edward Carter Carter, James Edward
  Robert Allan Carter Carter, Robert Allan
  Robert William Carter Carter, Robert William
  Walter Arnoldus Cartmell Cartmell, Walter Arnoldus
  William Lester Cartwright Cartwright, William Lester
  Ramon Lafayette Cary Cary, Ramon Lafayette
  Henry Lawrence Case Case, Henry Lawrence
  Robert Fulton Case Case, Robert Fulton
  John Edward Casey Casey, John Edward
  John Franklin Casey Casey, John Franklin
  Joshua Casey Casey, Joshua
  Elmer L. Cash Cash, Elmer L.
  Neal Scaife Cash Cash, Neal Scaife
  Vivian Jewell Cash Cash, Vivian Jewell
  Wilfred Leslie Cash Cash, Wilfred Leslie
  Fredrick Edward Cashell Cashell, Fredrick Edward
  Leo Earnest Caskey Caskey, Leo Earnest
  Earl William Cassidy Cassidy, Earl William
  Ralph Edward Cassidy Cassidy, Ralph Edward
  Vernon Leroy Castle Castle, Vernon Leroy
  Nathan Andrew Castor Castor, Nathan Andrew
  Lloyd Fry Cathey Cathey, Lloyd Fry
  Sylvester Gilbert Catozzi Catozzi, Sylvester Gilbert
  Fred Morcombe Cauley, Jr. Cauley, Fred Morcombe, Jr.
  Earnest Clement Cauvin Cauvin, Earnest Clement
  Joseph Peter Cavanaugh Cavanaugh, Joseph Peter
  John Edward Cave Cave, John Edward
  Steven George Cayey Cayey, Steven George
  Amadeo C. Cendania Cendania, Amadeo C.
  Frank Cermak Cermak, Frank
  Charles Joseph Cerrinack Cerrinack, Charles Joseph
  Ralph Michael Cerruti Cerruti, Ralph Michael
  Victor Cerveny Cerveny, Victor
  Benedict Anthony Cesare Cesare, Benedict Anthony
  Elmer Ernest Chaffin Chaffin, Elmer Ernest
  Kenneth Leroy Chaffin Chaffin, Kenneth Leroy
  Gary Duane Chamberlain Chamberlain, Gary Duane
  Robert Joseph Chamberlain Chamberlain, Robert Joseph
  Robert Louis Chamblin, Jr. Chamblin, Robert Louis, Jr.
  Leonard Mayfield Chandler Chandler, Leonard Mayfield
  Leroy Eugene Chandler Chandler, Leroy Eugene
  Robert Lee Chandler Chandler, Robert Lee
  George Reece Chaney Chaney, George Reece
  Stephen John Changary Changary, Stephen John
  Arthur Gibson Chapman Chapman, Arthur Gibson
  David Stanley Chapman Chapman, David Stanley
  Edward Chapman Chapman, Edward
  William Wayne Chapman Chapman, William Wayne
  Robert E. Charron Charron, Robert E.
  Joseph Wesley Charters Charters, Joseph Wesley
  Earl Cheatham Cheatham, Earl
  Sidney Bruce Cheatham Cheatham, Sidney Bruce
  Roland Raymond Chenard Chenard, Roland Raymond
  John Francis Cheney Cheney, John Francis
  Joseph Gordon Chenoweth Chenoweth, Joseph Gordon
  Michael John Cheosky Cheosky, Michael John
  John Allan Chesnutt Chesnutt, John Allan
  William Murray Chewning Chewning, William Murray
  Benjamin Chiavetta Chiavetta, Benjamin
  Orville Gross Chilcote Chilcote, Orville Gross
  Ralph Childers Childers, Ralph
  Douglas Childress, Jr. Childress, Douglas, Jr.
  Earle Wayne Freed Childs Childs, Earle Wayne Freed
  Frederick Herbert Childs, Jr. Childs, Frederick Herbert, Jr.
  Charles W. Chinnis Chinnis, Charles W.
  James Durward Choate Choate, James Durward
  John Eugene Chockley Chockley, John Eugene
  Leo Choles Choles, Leo
  George John Chopchik Chopchik, George John
  James Nick Chotas Chotas, James Nick
  Robert Joseph Chouinard Chouinard, Robert Joseph
  Christian John Christensen, Jr. Christensen, Christian John, Jr.
  Duane Valdene Christian Christian, Duane Valdene
  Richard Osborne Christian Christian, Richard Osborne
  William Omer Christian Christian, William Omer
  Edward Christiansen Christiansen, Edward
  Mark Helton Christiansen Christiansen, Mark Helton
  Harold Frederick Christman Christman, Harold Frederick
  Raymond Walter Christopherson Christopherson, Raymond Walter
  Frederic Howard Christy Christy, Frederic Howard
  Ray William Church Church, Ray William
  Lothar Raymond Ciesluk Ciesluk, Lothar Raymond
  Joseph John Cifrodella Cifrodella, Joseph John
  Laverne David Cilley Cilley, Laverne David
  Frank Ciraldo Ciraldo, Frank
  Roy Lee Clack Clack, Roy Lee
  Charles Porter Claffy Claffy, Charles Porter
  Carl Rex Claflin Claflin, Carl Rex
  Gordon Charles Clague Clague, Gordon Charles
  Albert Hobbs Clark Clark, Albert Hobbs
  Allan Daniel Clark Clark, Allan Daniel
  Ben Robert Clark Clark, Ben Robert
  Benjamin Lee Clark Clark, Benjamin Lee
  Carl Cecil Clark Clark, Carl Cecil
  Curtis Devault Clark Clark, Curtis Devault
  Edward Omer Clark Clark, Edward Omer
  Edward Perkins Clark, II Clark, Edward Perkins, II
  Guy Hamilton Clark, Jr. Clark, Guy Hamilton, Jr.
  James Golden Clark, Jr. Clark, James Golden, Jr.
  James Seerley Clark Clark, James Seerley
  LaVerne Charles Clark Clark, LaVerne Charles
  Vernon Floyd Clark Clark, Vernon Floyd
  Walter Junior Clark Clark, Walter Junior
  Wilbur Lee Clark Clark, Wilbur Lee
  Joseph Benedict Clarke Clarke, Joseph Benedict
  Alva Leroy Clary Clary, Alva Leroy
  John William Clary Clary, John William
  Larry William Claussen Claussen, Larry William
  Charles William Clawson Clawson, Charles William
  Joseph Peter Clay Clay, Joseph Peter
  Howard Livingston Clayton Clayton, Howard Livingston
  Harold Sherman Cleek Cleek, Harold Sherman
  Virgil Clifford Clement Clement, Virgil Clifford
  Kenneth Burl Clements Clements, Kenneth Burl
  Thomas Edward Clements Clements, Thomas Edward
  Bennie Cleveland Cleveland, Bennie
  Tom Cleverdon Cleverdon, Tom
  Robert Ford Click Click, Robert Ford
  Everett Ray Clifford Clifford, Everett Ray
  George Kenneth Clifford Clifford, George Kenneth
  Marvin D. R. Clifford Clifford, Marvin D. R.
  John Stewart Clift Clift, John Stewart
  Cyril Arthur Cline Cline, Cyril Arthur
  Howard Burton Clough Clough, Howard Burton
  Jack Earl Clough Clough, Jack Earl
  Richard Kenneth Clough Clough, Richard Kenneth
  George Edward Clouse Clouse, George Edward
  John Edward Coakley Coakley, John Edward
  Bernard Cobrin Cobrin, Bernard
  Fred Martin Coburn Coburn, Fred Martin
  James Wiggins Coe Coe, James Wiggins
  William Fred Coe Coe, William Fred
  John Coelho Coelho, John
  Robert Lyle Coffey Coffey, Robert Lyle
  Thomas Henry Coffey Coffey, Thomas Henry
  Robert James Coffin Coffin, Robert James
  Adam Byron Cogan Cogan, Adam Byron
  James William Sylvester Coghlan Coghlan, James William Sylvester
  James Maurice Coile, Jr. Coile, James Maurice, Jr.
  Hugh Mack Cole Cole, Hugh Mack
  Larry James Cole Cole, Larry James
  Lenard Ray Cole Cole, Lenard Ray
  Pat Cole Cole, Pat
  Charles Steele Coleman Coleman, Charles Steele
  Donald Ellsworth Coleman Coleman, Donald Ellsworth
  James Leonard Coleman Coleman, James Leonard
  John Abel Coleman Coleman, John Abel
  Hubert Coles Coles, Hubert
  Henry Perry Coley Coley, Henry Perry
  John Owen Reilly Coll Coll, John Owen Reilly
  Merrill Francis Collier Collier, Merrill Francis
  James Frederick Collins Collins, James Frederick
  Michael Francis Collins Collins, Michael Francis
  Robert Cope Collins Collins, Robert Cope
  Thomas Robert Collins Collins, Thomas Robert
  William Wright Collins Collins, William Wright
  Perry Aubrey Collom Collom, Perry Aubrey
  Harley Colwell Colwell, Harley
  Charles William Colyer Colyer, Charles William
  Claude Dewitt Combs Combs, Claude Dewitt
  John Norvin Compton Compton, John Norvin
  John Chester Conley Conley, John Chester
  Thomas Lewis Conley Conley, Thomas Lewis
  Fred Connaway Connaway, Fred
  James Aloysius Connell Connell, James Aloysius
  James Leonard Connell Connell, James Leonard
  David Rickart Connole Connole, David Rickart
  Timothy Joseph Connors Connors, Timothy Joseph
  Romeo S. Constantino Constantino, Romeo S.
  William Anthony Constantinos Constantinos, William Anthony
  John Patrick Conway Conway, John Patrick
  Alonzo Edger Cook, Jr. Cook, Alonzo Edger, Jr.
  Arnold Jerome Cook Cook, Arnold Jerome
  Caldwell Thomas Cook Cook, Caldwell Thomas
  Dallas Harry Cook Cook, Dallas Harry
  Ned Charles Cook Cook, Ned Charles
  Ollie James Cooke Cooke, Ollie James
  Francis William Cookinham Cookinham, Francis William
  Lee Dale Cooksey Cooksey, Lee Dale
  John Paul Cooley Cooley, John Paul
  Quintus Leon Cooley Cooley, Quintus Leon
  Benjamin Franklin Coon Coon, Benjamin Franklin
  Norman D. Coon Coon, Norman D.
  Edward Cooper Cooper, Edward
  Jack Wendel Cooper Cooper, Jack Wendel
  Thomas O'Don Cooper Cooper, Thomas O'Don
  Herman Marx Cooperman Cooperman, Herman Marx
  Chester Mayo Copas Copas, Chester Mayo
  Charles Bracher Copeland, Jr. Copeland, Charles Bracher, Jr.
  Louis Joseph Copt Copt, Louis Joseph
  William Melvin Coram Coram, William Melvin
  Robert Alton Corbett Corbett, Robert Alton
  Ivan Bush Corbin Corbin, Ivan Bush
  Kenneth Ray Corcoran Corcoran, Kenneth Ray
  Eugene Field Corder Corder, Eugene Field
  Frank Jefferson Corey Corey, Frank Jefferson
  Grant W. Corey Corey, Grant W.
  Charles Raymond Corkery Corkery, Charles Raymond
  Theodore Thomas Cornelius Cornelius, Theodore Thomas
  Harry Le Roy Corson Corson, Harry Le Roy
  Richard Ernest Corum Corum, Richard Ernest
  Thomas Cosaftes Cosaftes, Thomas
  Roland John Cosgrove Cosgrove, Roland John
  Gerald Francis Cott Cott, Gerald Francis
  Stanley Norwood Cotterman Cotterman, Stanley Norwood
  Clarence Cotton Cotton, Clarence
  Wayne Houston Cotton Cotton, Wayne Houston
  James Dale Coulson Coulson, James Dale
  William Edwin Coultas Coultas, William Edwin
  Edward James Counsell Counsell, Edward James
  Robert Lyle Courtney Courtney, Robert Lyle
  Charles Leon Courtright Courtright, Charles Leon
  Claude Wilbourn Covington, Jr. Covington, Claude Wilbourn, Jr.
  Walter Frank Covington Covington, Walter Frank
  Alva Roberts Cowan Cowan, Alva Roberts
  Robert James Cowan Cowan, Robert James
  William Francis Cowhey Cowhey, William Francis
  John William Cowie Cowie, John William
  Alfred Cox Cox, Alfred
  Gene Alfred Cox Cox. Gene Alfred
  Joseph Theodore Cox Cox, Joseph Theodore
  Lee Roy Cox Cox, Lee Roy
  Marshall Edward Cox, Jr. Cox, Marshall Edward, Jr.
  Robert Leon Cox Cox, Robert Leon
  Russell Arichbald Crabb Crabb, Russell Archibald
  Eugene Oscar Crabtree Crabtree, Eugene Oscar
  John Rich Craig Craig, John Rich
  William Clyde Craig, Jr. Craig, William Clyde, Jr.
  Elmer Franklin Crain, Jr. Crain, Elmer Franklin, Jr.
  Walter Edward Cram Cram, Walter Edward
  Glenn Estol Crandall Crandall, Glenn Estol
  Howard Edwin Crandall Crandall, Howard Edwin
  John Jarvis Crane Crane, John Jarvis
  Leonard Crane Crane, Leonard
  Lomon Bruce Crane Crane, Lomon Bruce
  Richard Ledlie Cranston Cranston, Richard Ledlie
  Harold Frederick Crask Crask, Harold Frederick
  Huston Quinn Cravens Cravens, Huston Quinn
  Billy Brant Crawford Crawford, Billy Brant
  Delmer Lemar Crawford Crawford, Delmer Lemar
  George Loren Crawford Crawford, George Loren
  Henry Lee Crawford Crawford, Henry Lee
  Robert Starrett Crawford Crawford, Robert Starrett
  Audrey Cecil Crayton Crayton, Audrey Cecil
  Thomas Edgar Crayton Crayton, Thomas Edgar
  William Leonard Creasy Creasy, William Leonard
  Donald Clifford Cress Cress, Donald Clifford
  Laurence Simpson Criss Criss, Laurence Simpson
  Dominick Mike Cristello Cristello, Dominick Mike
  Harvey Wilburn Criswell, Jr. Criswell, Harvey Wilburn, Jr.
  Kenneth James Critchley Critchley, Kenneth James
  Albert Edward Croft Croft, Albert Edward
  James Edward Cromwell Cromwell, James Edward
  John Philip Cromwell Cromwell, John Philip
  Robert F. Cronotti Cronotti, Robert F.
  Arthur Barton Cross Cross, Arthur Barton
  James Anthony Cross Cross, James Anthony
  Joe Lawrence Cross Cross, Joe Lawrence
  Joseph Cross Cross, Joseph
  Russell Harrison Crossman, Jr. Crossman, Russell Harrison, Jr.
  James David Crowley Crowley, James David
  John Raymond Crowley Crowley, John Raymond
  Robert William Crowley Crowley, Robert William
  Byron Crumbley Crumbley, Byron
  Balous Eugene Crutcher Crutcher, Balous Eugene
  Charles Randolph Crutchfield, Jr. Crutchfield, Charles Randolph, Jr.
  Jack Randolph Crutchfield Crutchfield, Jack Randolph
  William Thomas Crute Crute, William Thomas
  Jack Eugene Cugnin Cugnin, Jack Eugene
  John Wilber Culbertson Culbertson, John Wilber
  John Francis Cullen Cullen, John Francis
  Daniel Cullinane Cullinane, Daniel
  James Henry Culp Culp, James Henry
  Charles Reed Cummings, Jr. Cummings, Charles Reed, Jr.
  Francis Michael Cummings Cummings, Francis Michael
  Joe Monroe Cummings Cummings, Joe Monroe
  James Patrick Cunnally Cunnally, James Patrick
  Edward Paul Cunningham Cunningham, Edward Paul
  Edwin Harvie Cunningham, III Cunningham, Edwin Harvie, III
  Joseph William Cunningham Cunningham, Joseph William
  Herbert Andrew Cupper Cupper, Herbert Andrew
  Jesse Mellon Currie Currie, Jesse Mellon
  Kenneth Albert Currier Currier, Kenneth Albert
  Paul Chevalier Currier Currier, Paul Chevalier
  Perry Patrick Curry Curry, Perry Patrick
  Glenn Riley Curtiss Curtiss, Glenn Riley
  Samuel Gilbert Cushing Cushing, Samuel Gilbert
  Henry Lester Cushion Cushion, Henry Lester
  Robert Allen Cushman Cushman, Robert Allen
  Bernard Charles Custer Custer, Bernard Charles
  William Hugh Cuthbertson, Jr. Cuthbertson, William Hugh, Jr.
  Paul Parker Cutright Cutright, Paul Parker
  Robert James Cutshall Cutshall, Robert James
  Paul Thaddeus Cynewski Cynewski, Paul Thaddeus
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D John Davis Dabney Dabney, John Davis
  Samuel Joseph Dabruzzi Dabruzzi, Samuel Joseph
  Waite Hoyt Daggy Daggy, Waite Hoyt
  Marvin W. Daglow Daglow, Marvin W.
  Elmer Mortenson Dahl Dahl, Elmer Mortenson
  Donald Bernard Dahlheimer Dahlheimer, Donald Bernard
  Wilbert Joseph Dallaire Dallaire, Wilbert Joseph
  Vincent Louis Dallessandro Dallessandro, Vincent Louis
  Gordon Byxbe Dallman Dallman, Gordon Byxbe
  Elwood Allen Dalton Dalton, Elwood Allen
  Robert Francis Daly Daly, Robert Francis
  Ludwik Charles Daniels, Jr. Daniels, Ludwik Charles, Jr.
  Otis Clyde Danielson Danielson, Otis Clyde
  Robert Raymond Danko Danko, Robert Raymond
  John Archibald Darby Darby, John Archibald
  Arthur John Darienzo Darienzo, Arthur John
  James Hollie Darling Darling, James Hollie
  Peter Anthony Daros Daros, Peter Anthony
  George Williams Daugherty, Jr. Daugherty, George Williams, Jr.
  Gilbert Pryor Daughtrey Daughtrey, Gilbert Pryor
  Donald John Davenport Davenport, Donald John
  Glen Milo Davidson Davidson, Glen Milo
  Jerry Kenneth Davidson Davidson, Jerry Kenneth
  Marshall Ray Davidson Davidson, Marshall Ray
  Rodney Charles Davidson Davidson, Rodney Charles
  Walter Dearl Davidson Davidson, Walter Dearl
  Edward Shelton Davis Davis, Edward Shelton
  Frank Alfred Davis Davis, Frank Alfred
  Grady Theron Davis Davis, Grady Theron
  Herman Watson Davis Davis, Herman Watson
  Jesse Andrew Davis, Jr. Davis, Jesse Andrew, Jr.
  John Edward Davis, Jr. Davis, John Edward, Jr.
  John Scott Davis Davis, John Scott
  Leroy Conrad Davis Davis, Leroy Conrad
  Philip Hugh Davis Davis, Philip Hugh
  Ray Ellis Davis Davis, Ray Ellis
  Richard E. Davis Davis, Richard E.
  Vance Edward Davis Davis, Vance Edward
  Warren Walter Davis Davis, Warren Walter
  Clyde Elcott Davison, III Davison, Clyde Elcott, III
  William Emery Davison Davison, William Emery
  James Ray Dawkins Dawkins, James Ray
  Ferdinand Edison Dawson Dawson, Ferdinand Edison
  James Douglas Dawson Dawson, James Douglas
  William Howard Dawson Dawson, William Howard
  William Thomas Dawson Dawson, William Thomas
  Charles Jack Day Day, Charles Jack
  Donald Clifford Day Day, Donald Clifford
  Fred Wallace Day Day, Fred Wallace
  Jack Ludy Day Day, Jack Ludy
  Joseph Eugene Day Day, Joseph Eugene
  James Edwin Daylong Daylong, James Edwin
  Elvin Leon Deal Deal, Elvin Leon
  Samuel David Dealey Dealey, Samuel David
  Virgil Lee Dean Dean, Virgil Lee
  Lawrence William Deane Deane, Lawrence William
  Larry John Dearmore Dearmore, Larry John
  Lawrence Dale Deaton Deaton, Lawrence Dale
  Lynwood Norman Deaton Deaton, Lynwood Norman
  Felice Philip DeCesare, Jr. DeCesare, Felice Philip, Jr.
  Leonard Joseph Deck Deck, Leonard Joseph
  Vernon Melvin Deck Deck, Vernon Melvin
  Francis Joseph Decker Decker, Francis Joseph
  George Luther Deeth Deeth, George Luther
  Hugh Waldo Deetz Deetz, Hugh Waldo
  Joseph Rollie Defrees, Jr. Defrees, Joseph Rollie, Jr.
  Charles Francis DeFreytas DeFreytas, Charles Francis
  Charles Herman Degenhardt Degenhardt, Charles Herman
  James DeGroot DeGroot, James
  Victorino Deguzman Deguzman, Victorino
  Frederick Robert Deininger Deininger, Frederick Robert
  Jesse Paul Deiter Deiter, Jesse Paul
  William Henry Delamain Delamain, William Henry
  Thomas Morris Delaney Delaney, Thomas Morris
  Marvin Verle DeLapp DeLapp, Marvin Verle
  Chester Alonza Delbridge Delbridge, Chester Alonza
  Mark Arthur Delehanty Delehanty, Mark Arthur
  Julius Delfonso Delfonso, Julius
  Maurice Simon DeLisle DeLisle, Maurice Simon
  John Valentine Delladonna Delladonna, John Valentine
  Maurice Vincent DeLone DeLone, Maurice Vincent
  Arthur Maxon Demler Demler, Arthur Maxon
  William Dempsey Dempsey, William
  Edwin Denby, Jr. Denby, Edwin, Jr.
  Garlin Ray Denney Denney, Garlin Ray
  William Woodrow Wilson Dennis Dennis, William Woodrow Wilson
  Roy Overton Denny, Jr. Denny, Roy Overton, Jr.
  Harold William Derrah Derrah, Harold William
  Claude Arthur Derrick Derrick, Claude Arthur
  John Porter Derrington Derrington, John Porter
  Richard Roy Des Jardins Des Jardins, Richard Roy
  Leon Douglas DeSicy DeSicy, Leon Douglas
  Albert Edward DeStoop DeStoop, Albert Edward
  William Patrick Devaney, Jr. Devaney, William Patrick, Jr.
  Robert Earl Devenport Devenport, Robert Earl
  William Francis Devine Devine, William Francis
  William John Devine Devine, William John
  Robert Floyd Devitt Devitt, Robert Floyd
  Edwin Warren DeVoe DeVoe, Edwin Warren
  Philip James Dewes Dewes, Philip James
  James Leroy DeWitt DeWitt, James Leroy
  Raymond Palmer Dews Dews, Raymond Palmer
  Robert Lee Dexter Dexter, Robert Lee
  Orlando Joseph Di Nicola Di Nicola, Orlando Joseph
  William Vernon Diamond Diamond, William Vernon
  Arthur Irving Diaz Diaz, Arthur Irving
  Peter Joseph DiBella DiBella, Peter Joseph
  Ben Willis Dickenson Dickenson, Ben Willis
  Darrell Ellroy Dickerson Dickerson, Darrell Ellroy
  Donald Lawrence Diederich Diederich, Donald Lawrence
  Robert William Diefenbach Diefenbach, Robert William
  Stuart Samuel Dienno Dienno, Stuart Samuel
  Rudolf Maximilian Diery Diery, Rudolf Maximilian
  Helmut Otto Dietrich Dietrich, Helmut Otto
  Samuel Reed Dighton, Jr. Dighton, Samuel Reed, Jr.
  Paul Lee Dill Dill, Paul Lee
  Roscoe Franklin Dillen, Jr. Dillen, Roscoe Franklin, Jr.
  Warren Dillon Dillon, Warren
  Harold Eugene Dillow Dillow, Harold Eugene
  William Dillow Dillow, William
  George J. Dineen Dineen, George J.
  Michael John DiNola DiNola, Michael John
  Donald Henry Dischner Dischner, Donald Henry
  Calvin Lee Dittman Dittman, Calvin Lee
  Herbert Marshall Dix Dix, Herbert Marshall
  Paul Doane Doane, Paul
  Leslie Garbutt Dobson Dobson, Leslie Garbutt
  Rodney H. Dobson Dobson, Rodney H.
  Robert Lee Dodane Dodane, Robert Lee
  Everett Harold Dodson Dodson, Everett Harold
  James Ray Dodson Dodson, James Ray
  Louis Henry Doell, Jr. Doell, Louis Henry, Jr.
  William Francis Dohlus, Jr. Dohlus, William Francis, Jr.
  Mark Burris Dolan Dolan, Mark Burris
  William Lory Dolph Dolph, William Lory
  Fred Willard Donaldson Donaldson, Fred Willard
  Jeremiah Patrick Donovan Donovan, Jeremiah Patrick
  Thomas Armstrong Donovan Donovan, Thomas Armstrong
  Walter Edward Dorricott, Jr. Dorricott, Walter Edward, Jr.
  Richard John Dorries Dorries, Richard John
  William Edwin Dorsey Dorsey, William Edwin
  William Harold Dortch Dortch, William Harold
  Calvin Frederick Dortche Dortche, Calvin Frederick
  Leonard Dazzo Dotson Dotson, Leonard Dazzo
  Robert Nicholas Dotzler Dotzler, Robert Nicholas
  Leslie Montsell Doud Doud, Leslie Montsell
  Charles William Dougherty Dougherty, Charles William
  Clifford Douglas Douglas, Clifford
  Harry Burke Douglass Douglass, Harry Burke
  William Edward Dow Dow, William Edward
  Harry Shepardson Dowe, III Dowe, Harry Shepardson, III
  Clifton Dowey Dowey, Clifton
  Wallace Lamont Downey Downey, Wallace Lamont
  Louis Jackson Doyen Doyen, Louis Jackson
  Charles Doyle Doyle, Charles
  Gordon Kraft Draga Draga, Gordon Kraft
  Joseph Dragich Dragich, Joseph
  Gerry Efstathios Drakatos Drakatos, Gerry Efstathios
  Dan Herbert Drake Drake, Dan Herbert
  Donald Lincoln Drake Drake, Donald Lincoln
  Vincent Robert Drake Drake, Vincent Robert
  Robert Brent Drane Drane, Robert Brent
  John E. Dreffin Dreffin, John E.
  Earle William Dressell Dressell, Earle William
  Franklin Charles Drury Drury, Franklin Charles
  Melvin Spence Dry Dry, Melvin Spence
  Perry Leo Dryer Dryer, Perry Leo
  Donald Ducharme Ducharme, Donald
  Denver Forrest Duckworth Duckworth, Denver Forrest
  Bernard Elton Duesler Duesler, Bernard Elton
  John Edward Dufresne Dufresne, John Edward
  Willis Dul Dul, Willis
  Delfin Paculan Dulay Dulay, Delfin Paculan
  James Edward Dumire, Jr. Dumire, James Edward, Jr.
  Greer Assheton Duncan, Jr. Duncan, Greer Assheton, Jr.
  Jerry Kent Duncan Duncan, Jerry Kent
  Loris Henry Duncan Duncan, Loris Henry
  Robert Thomas Duncan Duncan, Robert Thomas
  Don Roy Dundas Dundas, Don Roy
  James Thomas Dunlap Dunlap, James Thomas
  Davis Henry Dunn Dunn, Davis Henry
  Martin Peter Dunn Dunn, Martin Peter
  Michael Edward Dunn Dunn, Michael Edward
  James William Dunnam Dunnam, James William
  Jesse Hugh Dunnavant Dunnavant, Jesse Hugh
  Emory Webster Dunton, Sr. Dunton, Emory Webster, Sr.
  Hal Hunter Dupuy Dupuy, Hal Hunter
  Alexander Louis Durand, Jr. Durand, Alexander Louis, Jr.
  John Francis Durant Durant, John Francis
  Donald Allen Durkee Durkee, Donald Allen
  John Paul Dusko Dusko, John Paul
  James Louis Dvoracek, Jr. Dvoracek, James Louis, Jr.
  Troy Earl Dyer Dyer, Troy Earl
  John Ralph Dytche Dytche, John Ralph
  Adam Dziamba Dziamba, Adam
  Edward Howard Dzik Dzik, Edward Howard
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Roger Eugene Eagan Eagan, Roger Eugene
  Charles Logan Eagleton Eagleton, Charles Logan
  Allen Clifford Earle Earle, Allen Clifford


Vinton Jordan Earle Earle, Vinton Jordan
  I. B. Earles Earles, I. B.
  Alton George Harlen Eastman Eastman, Alton George Harlen
  Mark Ellis Eastwood Eastwood, Mark Ellis
  Arthur William Eaton, Jr. Eaton, Arthur William, Jr.
  George Edward Eaves Eaves, George Edward
  Edwin Herman Eberl Eberl, Edwin Herman
  Leonard Oscar Echols Echols, Leonard Oscar
  Ernest Lee Echorst Echorst, Ernest Lee
  Thomas John Eck Eck, Thomas John
  George Herbert Eckardt, Jr. Eckardt, George Herbert, Jr.
  Charles John Eckenrode Eckenrode, Charles John
  Alfred Louis Ede Ede, Alfred Louis
  James McKinley Edgar Edgar, James McKinley
  Lawrence Lott Edge Edge, Lawrence Lott
  Franklin Kenneth Edginton Edginton, Franklin Kenneth
  Clarence Foster Edmunds Edmunds, Clarence Foster
  George Dudley Edwards Edwards, George Dudley
  George Vyell Edwards Edwards, George Vyell
  Houston Ernest Edwards Edwards, Houston Ernest
  John Henry Edwards Edwards, John Henry
  Myrle John Edwards Edwards, Myrle John
  Raymond Dewitt Edwards Edwards, Raymond Dewitt
  Willard Archie Edwards Edwards, Willard Archie
  Manuel Lawrence Efferson Efferson, Manuel Lawrence
  James E. Egan Egan, James E.
  Richard Joseph Egan Egan, Richard Joseph
  Edmund Webster Egbert Egbert, Edmund Webster
  Donald Paul Egen Egen, Donald Paul
  Richard Lloyd Eggers Eggers, Richard Lloyd
  Jack Gifford Ehlerding Ehlerding, Jack Gifford
  Elwood Ehrle Ehrle, Elwood
  John Holbrook Eichmann Eichmann, John Holbrook
  Rhiney Eifert Eifert, Rhiney
  William John Eitelbach, Jr. Eitelbach, William John, Jr.
  Paulino Ejaype Ejaype, Paulino
  James Richard Ek Ek, James Richard
  Lester Theodore Eklund Eklund, Lester Theodore
  Peter Joseph Elbert Elbert, Peter Joseph
  James Edward Elder Elder, James Edward
  Andrew Elko Elko, Andrew
  Dale Franklin Ellenwood Ellenwood, Dale Franklin
  Henry Leonidas Elliott Elliott, Henry Leonidas
  John William Elliot Elliot, John William
  LeRoy Ellis Ellis, LeRoy
  Richmond Hazen Ellis Ellis, Richmond Hazen
  Warren Preston Ellis Ellis, Warren Preston
  William Henry Ellis Ellis, William Henry
  Wilson Ellis Ellis. Wilson
  Harry Dick Elser Elser, Harry Dick
  Frank Elsholz Elsholz, Frank
  Feliciano Elvina Elvina, Feliciano
  Scott David Emberts Emberts, Scott David
  George Roderic Embury Embury, George Roderic
  John Walden Emerick Emerick, John Walden
  Harold Eugene Emig Emig, Harold Eugene
  Robert Lesslie Emmingham Emmingham, Robert Lesslie
  William LeRoy Emmons, Jr. Emmons, William LeRoy, Jr.
  Edward Howard Engblom Engblom, Edward Howard
  Edward Mitchell Engebretsen Engebretsen, Edward Mitchell
  Richard Philip Engelhart Engelhart, Richard Philip
  Richard Erman Engle Engle, Richard Erman
  Edward Joseph English English, Edward Joseph
  Robert Henry English English, Robert Henry
  Joseph Francis Ennis, Jr. Ennis, Joseph Francis, Jr.
  Robert E. Ennis, Jr. Ennis, Robert E., Jr.
  Alvin Henry Enns Enns, Alvin Henry
  Ermand Richard Enos Enos, Ermand Richard
  Fred Melvin Enos, Jr. Enos, Fred Melvin, Jr.
  William Henry Epps, Jr. Epps, William Henry, Jr.
  Joseph Steve Erdey Erdey, Joseph Steve
  William Edward Erhart Erhart, William Edward
  Lawrence Hall Ericksen Ericksen, Lawrence Hall
  Edward Riley Erickson Erickson, Edward Riley
  Mark Stewart Erickson Erickson, Mark Stewart
  Daniel Benjamin Erico Erico, Daniel Benjamin
  Harry Godfrey Ericson Ericson, Harry Godfrey
  Roland DeWitt Erikson Erikson, Roland DeWitt
  Lyle Franklin Ervin Ervin, Lyle Franklin
  Carl Hillis Eskew Eskew, Carl Hillis
  Roland Ashby Estes Estes, Roland Ashby
  Harry Robert Etkin, Jr. Etkin, Harry Robert, Jr.
  Benjamin Evans Evans, Benjamin
  David Birch Evans Evans, David Birch
  Ferdinand Alois Evans Evans, Ferdinand Alois
  James Ray Evans Evans, James Ray
  John Willard Evans Evans, John Willard
  Truman Floyd Evans Evans, Truman Floyd
  Warren Eugene Evans Evans, Warren Eugene
  William Arthur Evans Evans, William Arthur
  Ernest Joseph Everett Everett, Ernest Joseph
  John Leak Everett, Jr. Everett, John Leak, Jr.
  Albert Raymond Everhart Everhart, Albert Raymond
  Charles Lowell Everhart Everhart, Charles Lowell
  Ray E. Everts, Jr. Everts, Ray E., Jr.
  David Evidon Evidon, David
  John Edward Ewell Ewell, John Edward
  John Louis Ewing Ewing, John Louis
  Ora Ranza Eye Eye, Ora Ranza
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F Lee Mainert Faber Faber, Lee Mainert


Agapito Fabra Fabra, Agapito

Dario Frank Facchini Facchini, Dario Frank
  Carl Elbert Fackrell Fackrell, Carl Elbert
  Devon Jeffrey Faehnrich Faehnrich, Devon Jeffrey
  James Mathew Fahey Fahey, James Mathew
  James Roque Fahey Fahey, James Roque
  Clarence DeVere Fairchild, Jr. Fairchild, Clarence DeVere, Jr.
  Robert Franklin Faile Faile, Robert Franklin
  Albert Timothy Faley Faley, Albert Timothy
  Frank Walter Falowski Falowski, Frank Walter
  Orville Franklin Fanning, Jr. Fanning, Orville Franklin, Jr.
  James Samuel Farabee Farabee, James Samuel
  Edward Michel Farley, Jr. Farley, Edward Michel, Jr.
  Ronald Lee Farmintino Farmintino, Ronald Lee
  Robert Lee Farrar Farrar, Robert Lee
  William Stanley Farrel Farrel, William Stanley
  Fred Howell Farrell Farrell, Fred Howell
  George Patrick Farrin Farrin, George Patrick
  John Clinton Farwell Farwell, John Clinton
  Theodore A. Faryan Faryan, Theodore A.
  James Augustus Fasnacht Fasnacht, James Augustus
  Eugene Raymond Fausset Fausset, Eugene Raymond
  Lyle Duane Faustman Faustman, Lyle Duane
  Charles Frederick Feazelle Feazelle, Charles Frederick
  Joseph Fedorchak Fedorchak, Joseph
  Rhollo Rhodney Fees Fees, Rhollo Rhodney
  Wayne Edward Feikert Feikert, Wayne Edward
  Theodore Gustav Feiock Feiock, Theodore Gustav
  Kenneth Ferdinand Feiss Feiss, Kenneth Ferdinand
  John Courtland Felabom Felabom, John Courtland
  Donald Eugene Felber Felber, Donald Eugene
  Paul Emerson Feld Feld, Paul Emerson
  Daniel Clyde Felicetty Felicetty, Daniel Clyde
  Charles Woodford Fell Fell, Charles Woodford
  Claire Daniel Fellds Fellds, Claire Daniel
  Lester Joseph Feltman Feltman, Lester Joseph
  Fred Elias Fender Fender, Fred Elias
  John Joseph Fennell Fennell, John Joseph
  Donald Massey Fenner Fenner, Donald Massey
  William Ralph Fennick Fennick, William Ralph
  Douglas Grant Fenton Fenton, Douglas Grant
  John Ferentz Ferentz, John
  Nearest Fergerson Fergerson, Nearest
  Charles Venable Ferguson Ferguson, Charles Venable
  Jesse Ray Ferguson Ferguson, Jesse Ray
  Lawrence Howard Ferguson Ferguson, Lawrence Howard
  Ambrosio Fernandez Fernandez, Ambrosio
  Alexander Ferrario Ferrario, Alexander
  Earl Dean Ferrell Ferrell, Earl Dean
  George Ralph Ferry, Jr. Ferry, George Ralph, Jr.
  Stanley Festin Festin, Stanley
  Clifton Eugene Fieber Fieber, Clifton Eugene
  Eugene Francis Fiedler Fiedler, Eugene Francis
  Wendell Max Fiedler Fiedler, Wendell Max
  Carl Richard Fielding Fielding, Carl Richard
  Carleton Francis Fielding Fielding, Carleton Francis
  Clarence Gene Fields Fields, Clarence Gene
  Hoyt Sherlock Fields Fields, Hoyt Sherlock
  Ray Daniel Fielitz Fielitz, Ray Daniel
  Bruce Hampton Finckbone Finckbone, Bruce Hampton
  Francis Joseph Fine Fine, Francis Joseph
  Dean Elwood Fink Fink, Dean Elwood
  Oscar Finkelstein Finkelstein, Oscar
  George William Finley Finley, George William
  Michael Francis Finn Finn, Michael Francis
  Carl Edwin Finney Finney, Carl Edwin
  Wilson Owen Finney Finney, Wilson Owen
  Robert Wilmer Finske Finske, Robert Wilmer
  Enrico Bart Fiorot Fiorot, Enrico Bart
  James Mark Fippen Fippen, James Mark
  Rudy Firm Firm, Rudy
  Howard Firth Firth, Howard
  George Eugene Fisher, Jr. Fisher, George Eugene, Jr.
  Henry Joseph Fisher, Jr. Fisher, Henry Joseph, Jr.
  Joseph Bennie Fisher Fisher, Joseph Bennie
  Joseph Paul Fisher Fisher, Joseph Paul
  Richard Kaye Fisher Fisher, Richard Kaye
  Richard Kirk Fisher Fisher, Richard Kirk
  Richard Louis Fisher Fisher, Richard Louis
  Harold Leroy Fiste Fiste, Harold Leroy
  Graham Newell Fitch Fitch, Graham Newell
  Bernard Vincent Fite Fite, Bernard Vincent
  Rodney Lee Fitz Fitz, Rodney Lee
  William Daniel Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, William Daniel
  Robert Nelson Fixler Fixler, Robert Nelson
  Morris Alton Flagg Flagg, Morris Alton
  William Andrew Flaherty, Jr. Flaherty, William Andrew, Jr.
  William J. Flaherty Flaherty, William J.
  Arthur James Flanagan Flanagan, Arthur James
  Ernest Theadore Flanders Flanders, Ernest Theadore
  Robert Walter Flesch Flesch, Robert Walter
  Lionel Hugh Fletcher Fletcher, Lionel Hugh
  Willie Flippens Flippens, Willie
  Raymond Francis Flisher Flisher, Raymond Francis
  Henry Clay Florea, Jr. Florea, Henry Clay, Jr.
  John Edwin Flowers Flowers, John Edwin
  Richard Lee Floyd Floyd, Richard Lee
  John William Fluker Fluker, John William
  Kenneth Judd Flynn Flynn, Kenneth Judd
  Danny Lee Flynt Flynt, Danny Lee
  Jerome Paul Fojtik Fojtik, Jerome Paul
  Vernon Mark Foli Foli, Vernon Mark
  Erna Maurice Foltz Foltz, Erna Maurice
  George Melvin Fondon Fondon, George Melvin
  David Ignatius Fontaine Fontaine, David Ignatius
  George Hollister Foote Foote, George Hollister
  Charles A. Ford Ford, Charles A.
  George Ford Ford, George
  Ellwood Henry Forni Forni, Ellwood Henry
  James Walter Forrester, Jr. Forrester, James Walter, Jr.
  Eugene James Forsythe Forsythe, Eugene James
  Joseph R. Forsythe, Jr. Forsythe, Joseph R., Jr.
  John Francis Fortier, Jr. Fortier, John Francis, Jr.
  Jack Dewey Forward Forward, Jack Dewey
  Clarence Stewart Foss Foss, Clarence Stewart
  Louis Eilert Foss Foss, Louis Eilert
  Herbert Talmage Fost Fost, Herbert Talmage
  Jack Eugene Fostair Fostair, Jack Eugene
  Alvin Buckley Foster Foster, Alvin Buckley
  Edward George Foster Foster, Edward George
  Ernest Louis Foster Foster, Ernest Louis
  Frederic David Foster Foster, Frederic David
  John Morris Foster Foster, John Morris
  Norman Bartlett Foster Foster, Norman Bartlett
  Ralph Glenn Foster Foster, Ralph Glenn
  Robert McClellan Foster Foster, Robert McClellan
  Sterling Cecil Foster Foster, Sterling Cecil
  Raymond Peter Foti Foti, Raymond Peter
  Jack Alison Fournier Fournier, Jack Alison
  Kenneth Earl Foust Foust, Kenneth Earl
  James Dever Fowler Fowler, James Dever
  John Gerald Fowler Fowler, John Gerald
  Donald Charles Fox Fox, Donald Charles
  Kenneth Winfield Fox, Jr. Fox, Kenneth Winfield, Jr.
  Lynn Burton Fox Fox, Lynn Burton
  Kenneth Carl France France, Kenneth Carl
  Milton Lawrence Francis Francis, Milton Lawrence
  Alberto C. Francisco Francisco, Alberto C.
  Leon Henry Franck Franck, Leon Henry
  Peter Franco Franco, Peter
  Richard Elmer Frank Frank, Richard Elmer
  Ronald Anthony Frank Frank, Ronald Anthony
  William John Frank Frank, William John
  Joseph Albert Franks Franks, Joseph Albert
  John Joseph Franze Franze, John Joseph
  Oakley Raymond Frasch Frasch, Oakley Raymond
  Marshall Buddie Frazier Frazier, Marshall Buddie
  Clarence Edwan Fredman, Jr. Fredman, Clarence Edwan, Jr.
  Larry Wayne Freeman Freeman, Larry Wayne
  Ray Amos Freeman Freeman, Ray Amos
  Samuel Edward Freeman, Jr. Freeman, Samuel Edward, Jr.
  Walter David Freeman Freeman, Walter David
  George William French French, George William
  Hugh French French, Hugh
  Donald Robert Frenya Frenya, Donald Robert
  Raymond Leonard Frese Frese, Raymond Leonard
  Carl Warren Frick Frick, Carl Warren
  John Joseph Fricker Fricker, John Joseph
  Ben Friesen Friesen, Ben
  Fred Christian Fritz Fritz, Fred Christian
  Gordon Ingvald Frogner Frogner, Gordon Ingvald
  Joseph Nicholas Frontino Frontino, Joseph Nicholas
  Chester Frank Frost Frost, Chester Frank
  Albert David Fruit Fruit, Albert David
  Donald Wilson Fry Fry, Donald Wilson
  John Weaver Fry Fry, John Weaver
  Albert Joseph Fryer Fryer, Albert Joseph
  Mack Alfred Fugett Fugett, Mack Alfred
  Claude Edward Fuller Fuller, Claude Edward
  Grant Moses Fuller Fuller, Grant Moses
  John Benson Fuller Fuller, John Benson
  Orlan Elwin Fuller Fuller, Orlan Elwin
  Robert Stephan Fuller Fuller, Robert Stephan
  Gordon Harvey Fullilove, Jr. Fullilove, Gordon Harvey, Jr.
  Delbert Arthur Fulton Fulton, Delbert Arthur
  Nick Funk Funk, Nick
  William Roscoe Funk Funk, William Roscoe
  Gregory Joseph Fusco Fusco, Gregory Joseph


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George Frederick Gabel Gabel, George Frederick


Philip Joseph Gabrunas Gabrunas, Philip Joseph
  Gerald Gene Gaddis Gaddis, Gerald Gene
  Henry Arthur Gaddis Gaddis, Henry Arthur
  Nicholas George Gaetano Gaetano, Nicholas George
  George Albert Gaffney, Jr. Gaffney, George Albert,  Jr.
  Clarence Silas Gage Gage, Clarence Silas
  Donald Russell Gagnon Gagnon, Donald Russell
  Peter Adolf Gaideczka Gaideczka, Peter Adolf
  Joseph John Galinac Galinac, Joseph John
  William Albert Gallagher Gallagher, William Albert
  Andrew Joseph Gallant, Jr. Gallant, Andrew Joseph, Jr.
  Emery Andrew Galley, Jr. Galley, Emery Andrew, Jr.
  Walter Oswald Galli Galli, Walter Oswald
  Orlando Joseph Galligani Galligani, Orlando Joseph
  Edward Joseph Galloway Galloway, Edward Joseph
  William Carter Galloway Galloway, William Carter
  Basilio Galvan Galvan, Basilio
  Daniel Michael Galvin Galvin, Daniel Michael
  Peter Alan Gamache Gamache, Peter Alan
  Anthony Gambardella Gambardella, Anthony
  Robert Francis Gamble Gamble, Robert Francis
  Dee Edward Gambrell, Jr. Gambrell, Dee Edward, Jr.
  John Worth Gamel Gamel, John Worth
  Eugene Arthur Gammon Gammon, Eugene Arthur
  Walter Gancarz Gancarz, Walter
  David Earl Gander Gander, David Earl
  Sherman Ganious Ganious, Sherman
  John Francis Ganley, Jr. Ganley, John Francis, Jr.
  John Wilfred Gant Gant, John Wilfred
  Lenard Earl Garbulsky Garbulsky, Lenard Earl
  Napoleon Tomas Garcia Garcia, Napoleon Tomas
  Earl Watson Gardner Gardner, Earl Watson
  Robert Arnold Gardner Gardner, Robert Arnold
  Roger Lee Gardner Gardner, Roger Lee
  Stephen Partridge Gardner Gardner, Stephen Partridge
  Vernon Eugene Gardner Gardner, Vernon Eugene
  Roswell Leroy Garland Garland, Roswell Leroy
Marl H. "Tink" Garlock Garlock, Marl H. "Tink"
  Cecil Edward Garmon Garmon, Cecil Edward
  Alva Louis Garner Garner, Alva Louis
  James Everett Garner Garner, James Everett
  John Edmond Garner Garner, John Edmond
  Pat Mehaffy Garner Garner, Pat Mehaffy
  George Caleb Garrett, Jr. Garrett, George Caleb, Jr.
  Howard Owen Garrett Garrett, Howard Owen
  Leonard Garrett Garrett, Leonard
  Kenneth Ross Garrison Garrison, Kenneth Ross
  Robert Leroy Garrison Garrison, Robert Leroy
  Zanville Gartner Gartner, Zanville
  Eleazar Garza Garza, Eleazar
  Jesus Donnaud Garza Garza, Jesus Donnaud
  Carlton Fred Gaskill Gaskill, Carlton Fred
  John Gasko Gasko, John
  Daniel Albert Gaston Gaston, Daniel Albert
  Edward Charles Gaughan Gaughan, Edward Charles
  William Richard Gauthier Gauthier, William Richard
  Charles Bernard Gavlak Gavlak, Charles Bernard
  Charles William Gay Gay, Charles William
  William Burton Gay Gay, William Burton
  William Hill Gaylord Gaylord, William Hill
  Robert William Gaynor Gaynor, Robert William
  Donald Carl Gearhardt Gearhardt, Donald Carl
  Arthur Albert Gendreau, Jr. Gendreau, Arthur Albert, Jr.
  John Paul Gennett Gennett, John Paul
  Anthony Michael Genoozis Genoozis, Anthony Michael
  Michael A. Gentile Gentile, Michael A.
  Thomas Edison Gentle Gentle, Thomas Edison
  Donald Roger George George, Donald Roger
  Frank George George, Frank
  Harry Alexander George George, Harry Alexander
  Lloyd George George, Lloyd
  Marshall Lee George George, Marshall Lee
  Bernard Joseph Geraghty, Jr. Geraghty, Bernard Joseph, Jr.
  Carl Henery Gerbensky Gerbensky, Carl Henery
  Clyde Arthur Gerber Gerber, Clyde Arthur
  Herman John Gerdes, Jr. Gerdes, Herman John, Jr.
  James Northup Gerlach Gerlach, James Northup
  Wesley Lawrence Gerlacher Gerlacher, Wesley Lawrence
  LeRoy Leo Germann Germann, LeRoy Leo
  Nathan Gersen Gersen, Nathan
  Melvin George Getchell Getchell, Melvin George
  Charles Cline Ghent, Jr. Ghent, Charles Cline, Jr.
  Anthony Giaimo Giaimo, Anthony
  Lawrence Junior Gibbs Gibbs, Lawrence Junior
  Robert Franklin Gibbs Gibbs, Robert Franklin
  John Law Gibson Gibson, John Law
  Lewis Grady Gibson Gibson, Lewis Grady
  Michael David Gibson Gibson, Michael David
  William Henry Gibson Gibson, William Henry
  Daniel Lynn Gicie Gicie, Daniel Lynn
  Joseph Gifford Gifford, Joseph
  Robert Lee Gifford Gifford, Robert Lee
  Ronald Leo Gilbert Gilbert, Ronald Leo
  Bernardino Gildo Gildo, Bernardino
  Arthur Louis Giles Giles, Arthur Louis
  Fred Giles, Jr. Giles, Fred, Jr.
  Harvey William Giles Giles, Harvey William
  Howard Marshal Gilfillan Gilfillan, Howard Marshal
  Joseph Patrick Gilheany, Jr. Gilheany, Joseph Patrick, Jr.
  John Frederick Gilkeson Gilkeson, John Frederick
  Joseph Mathew Gill Gill, Joseph Mathew
  George Henry Gillard, Jr. Gillard, George Henry, Jr.
  Frederick Earl Gillen, Jr. Gillen, Frederick Earl, Jr.
  Phillip Jearold Gillen Gillen, Phillip Jearold
  Bill Edmond Gillespie Gillespie, Bill Edmond
  Jesse James Gilliam Gilliam, Jesse James
  James George Gillies Gillies, James George
  John Adam Gilliland, Jr. Gilliland, John Adam, Jr.
  Frederick Gillman Gillman, Frederick
  Merrill Ray Gilman Gilman, Merrill Ray
  Howard Walter Gilmore Gilmore, Howard Walter
  Thomas N. Gilmore Gilmore, Thomas N.
  Pedro Gimenez Gimenez, Pedro
  Robert Clarence Gionet Gionet, Robert Clarence
  Veldean Gipson Gipson, Veldean
  Farrell Cyrus Girkin Girkin, Farrell Cyrus
  Robert James Gisner Gisner, Robert James
  Jacob Dana Gjerning Gjerning, Jacob Dana
  Donald Harman Glading Glading, Donald Harman
  Dudley Glass, Jr. Glass, Dudley, Jr.
  Jack Junior Glass Glass, Jack Junior
  Lawrence Carlton Glass Glass, Lawrence Carlton
  Turner Ashby Glascock Glascock, Turner Ashby
  John Francis Glazier Glazier, John Francis
  Howard Rogers Gleason Gleason, Howard Rogers
  Steven Dean Gleason Gleason, Steven Dean
  Elliott Gleaton, Jr. Gleaton, Elliott, Jr.
  Curtis Glenn Glenn, Curtis
  Chester Francis Glodowski Glodowski, Chester Francis
  Charles George Glotzbach Glotzbach, Charles George
  Charles Francis Glover Glover, Charles Francis
  Marion Michael Glowski Glowski, Marion Michael
  Joseph Lewis Glueckert Glueckert, Joseph Lewis
  Hubert Eugene Gluski Gluski, Hubert Eugene
  John Francis Glynn, Jr. Glynn, John Francis, Jr.
  Edward William Godfrey Godfrey, Edward William
  William Bret Godfrey Godfrey, William Bret
  Donald Fred Goering Goering, Donald Fred
  Herbert C. Goetz Goetz, Herbert C.
  Leon Hardin Goforth Goforth, Leon Hardin
  Francis Howard Golden Golden, Francis Howard
  Morton Hyman Golden Golden, Morton Hyman
  George Gondorchin Gondorchin, George
  Alvin Leroy Gonyer Gonyer, Alvin Leroy
  Herminio Gonzales Gonzales, Herminio
  Ronald Paul Goo Goo, Ronald Paul
  Theodore Lester Goodhue Goodhue, Theodore Lester
  Lowell Jackson Goodin Goodin, Lowell Jackson
  Tommie Lewis Goodin Goodin, Tommie Lewis
  Claude Layton Goodman, Jr. Goodman, Claude Layton, Jr.
  Jerry Calvert Goodnight Goodnight, Jerry Calvert
  Herbert Curtis Goodrum Goodrum, Herbert Curtis
  James Goonan Goonan, James
  James Peter Goonan Goonan, James Peter
  George Goorabian Goorabian, George
  George Jacob Gorab, Jr. Gorab, George Jacob, Jr.
  William Norsworthy Gordon Gordon, William Norsworthy
  Adam Edward Gorecki Gorecki, Adam Edward
  George Leonard Gormley Gormley, George Leonard
  Thaddeus Gosciniak Gosciniak, Thaddeus
  Jason Robert Goshorn Goshorn, Jason Robert
  Ray Lester Goshorn Goshorn, Ray Lester
  Edgar Henry Goslin Goslin, Edgar Henry
  Robert Howard Gosnell Gosnell, Robert Howard
  Richard Pickering Goss Goss, Richard Pickering
  Paul Austin Gossett Gossett, Paul Austin
  Robert Richard Gould, Jr. Gould, Robert Richard, Jr.
  Peter Grabnickas Grabnickas, Peter
  Richard Fox Grace Grace, Richard Fox
  John Felix Graeflin Graeflin, John Felix
  John Vincennes Graf Graf, John Vincennes
  John Gilbert Grafton Grafton, John Gilbert
  Donald Adair Graham Graham, Donald Adair
  George Patrick Graham Graham, George Patrick
  Kimball Elwood Graham Graham, Kimball Elwood
  Merritt Dayton Graham Graham, Merritt Dayton
  Robert Nelson Graham Graham, Robert Nelson
  William Edward Graham Graham, William Edward
  William Penn Grandy Grandy, William Penn
  Joseph Anthony Granes Granes, Joseph Anthony
  Dennis Norval Grant Grant, Dennis Norval
  Anthony Joseph Graphia Graphia, Anthony Joseph
  Clyde Monroe Graves Graves, Clyde Monroe
  Dewitt Osborn Graves Graves, Dewitt Osborn
  William Graves Graves, William
  Dennis Jerome Gray Gray, Dennis Jerome
  John Henry Gray Gray, John Henry
  Lowell Keith Gray Gray, Lowell Keith
  Frederick Patrick Graziani, Jr. Graziani, Frederick Patrick, Jr.
  William Francis Greaves Greaves, William Francis
  Delbert Lloyd Green, Jr. Green, Delbert Lloyd, Jr.
  Lonzo Junior Green Green, Lonzo Junior
  Robert Green Green, Robert
  Simon Greenberg Greenberg, Simon
  Hiram Moe Greene Greene, Hiram Moe
  Joshua Glenn Greene Greene, Joshua Glenn
  Joseph Frederick Greenhalgh Greenhalgh, Joseph Frederick
  Bert Bruce Greenlee Greenlee, Bert Bruce
  Robert Howard Greenwell Greenwell, Robert Howard
  Ira Noble Gregg Gregg, Ira Noble
  Osmer Dennis Gregg Gregg, Osmer Dennis
  Richard Lewis Gregorik Gregorik, Richard Lewis
  Victor Gregorini Gregorini, Victor
  James LeRoy Gregory Gregory, James LeRoy
  James Paul Gregory Gregory, James Paul
  Walter Madden Gregory Gregory, Walter Madden
  William Robert Greisiger Greisiger, William Robert
  Raymond Alfred Grenier Grenier, Raymond Alfred
  John Gresswell, Jr. Gresswell, John, Jr.
  John Joseph Griffin Griffin, John Joseph
  Thomas Wilson Griffin Griffin, Thomas Wilson
  Arthur Mac Griffith Griffith, Arthur Mac
  Francis Alvin Griffith Griffith, Francis Alvin
  Carl Avis Grimes, Jr. Grimes, Carl Avis, Jr.
  James Grimes Grimes, James
  Joseph Wilmer Grimshaw Grimshaw, Joseph Wilmer
  Aliston Hills Grindle Grindle, Aliston Hills
  Andrew Grindzak Grindzak, Andrew
  Sidney Eugene Grisham Grisham, Sidney Eugene
  Fred Joseph Griswold Griswold, Fred Joseph
  Herbert Wayne Grizzard Grizzard, Herbert Wayne
  Jack Eugene Groat Groat, Jack Eugene
  Bert Joe Grooms Grooms, Bert Joe
  Charles George Groshens Groshens, Charles George
  Eugene F. Gross Gross, Eugene F.
  Robert Richard Gross Gross, Robert Richard
  John Neil Grosz Grosz, John Neil
  Clifford Henry Grote Grote, Clifford Henry
  William Dell Grover Grover, William Dell
  Francis Lawrence Gruen Gruen, Francis Lawrence
  Stanley Erwin Grumet Grumet, Stanley Erwin
  Paul Henry Grupp Grupp, Paul Henry
  Paul Alfred Guerette Guerette, Paul Alfred
  Armand Alois Guerra Guerra, Armand Alois
  Edward Manuel Guerrero Guerrero, Edward Manuel
  Hyram Paul Guess Guess, Hyram Paul
  Oliver Clark Guest, Jr. Guest, Oliver Clark, Jr.
  Justiniano Garcia Guico Guico, Justiniano Garcia
  Agustin Tuazon Guiao, Jr. Guiao, Agustin Tuazon, Jr.
  Felix Ferdinando Guida Guida, Felix Ferdinando
  Robert Pollock Guiler, III Guiler, Robert Pollock, III
  Alexander Benjamin Guillot Guillot, Alexander Benjamin
  Anthony Aralio Gutierrez Gutierrez, Anthony Aralio
  Daniel John Gully Gully, Daniel John
  Henry James Gunn Gunn, Henry James
  Aaron Jackie Gunter Gunter, Aaron Jackie
  Joseph Henry Gunzinger Gunzinger, Joseph Henry
  Theodore John Gurasko Gurasko, Theodore John
  Arthur Allen Gurganus Gurganus, Arthur Allen
  Hubert Ralph Gurney Gurney, Hubert Ralph
  Andrew Thomas Guthrie Guthrie, Andrew Thomas
  Anthony Aralio Gutierrez Gutierrez, Anthony Aralio
  John George Guttermuth Guttermuth, John George
  Charles Ambrose Guyon Guyon, Charles Ambrose
  Elmer Ellsworth Gwinn, Jr. Gwinn, Elmer Ellsworth, Jr.
  Kenneth Leroy Gwinn Gwinn, Kenneth Leroy
  Richard Paul Gwynn Gwynn, Richard Paul
  Donald Robert Gymer Gymer, Donald Robert
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H Bernard Henry Haag Haag, Bernard Henry
  John Daniel Haag Haag, John Daniel
  Peder Haaland Haaland, Peder
  Norman Joseph Habel Habel, Norman Joseph
  Hubert Byron Hackett Hackett, Hubert Byron
  John Joseph Hackett Hackett, John Joseph
  Earl Drissel Hackman, Jr. Hackman, Earl Drissel, Jr.
  Howard John Hackstaff Hackstaff, Howard John
  Robert Lee Hadley Hadley, Robert Lee
  William Thomas Hadley Hadley, William Thomas
  Ralph Lewis Hafter Hafter, Ralph Lewis
  Robert John Hagedorn Hagedorn, Robert John
  Thomas Arnold Hagen Hagen, Thomas Arnold
  Fred Leroy Hahn Hahn, Fred Leroy
  George Washington Haigler Haigler, George Washington
  Howard Wayne Hainline Hainline, Howard Wayne
  Robert Edward Hakanson Hakanson, Robert Edward
  Alton Henry Hall Hall, Alton Henry
  Bill Davis Hale Hale, Bill Davis
  Donald Eugene Hale Hale, Donald Eugene
  Charles Chester Hall Hall, Charles Chester
  Charles Edwin Hall Hall, Charles Edwin
  Donald Kenneth Hall Hall, Donald Kenneth
  Donovan Gilbert Hall Hall, Donovan Gilbert
  Edward Emerson Hall Hall, Edward Emerson
  Frederick Ansley Hall Hall, Frederick Ansley
  Joseph Cyril Hall, Jr. Hall, Joseph Cyril, Jr.
  Kenneth Edward Hall Hall, Kenneth Edward
  Marvin John Hall Hall, Marvin John
  Odell Hall Hall, Odell
  Richard Charles Hall Hall, Richard Charles
  Virgil Eugene Hall Hall, Virgil Eugene
  Walter Orville Haloupek Haloupek, Walter Orville
  Alfred Sander Halpert Halpert, Alfred Sander
  Joseph Ambrose Halpin Halpin, Joseph Ambrose
  Joseph Edward Halpin, Jr. Halpin, Joseph Edward, Jr.
  Glen Eugene Halstead Halstead, Glen Eugene
  Duane Herman Halsten Halsten, Duane Herman
  Albert Montgomery Halterman Halterman, Albert Montgomery
  Earl Eugene Halvorson Halvorson, Earl Eugene
  Ralph Erskine Hambright, Jr. Hambright, Ralph Erskine, Jr.
  Howard Leon Hamilton, Jr. Hamilton, Howard Leon, Jr.
  John Wesley Hamilton Hamilton, John Wesley
  Charles H. Hammill Hammill, Charles H.
  Karl Louis Hammond Hammond, Karl Louis
  Edgar Wilson Hampson Hampson, Edgar Wilson
  Calvin Livingston Hampton Hampton, Calvin Livingston
  George Tommie Hampton Hampton, George Tommie
  John Lincoln Hancock Hancock, John Lincoln
  William Reeves Hand Hand, William Reeves
  Lester Irving Handlowich Handlowich, Lester Irving
  William Joseph Handren Handren, William Joseph
  Wilbur Dale Handy Handy, Wilbur Dale
  Dewey Victor Haney Haney, Dewey Victor
  John Rufus Haney Haney, John Rufus
  Sherwood Joseph Hanford Hanford, Sherwood Joseph
  Robert Edward Hanley Hanley, Robert Edward
  Edward John Hansen Hansen, Edward John
  Robert Vernon Hansen Hansen, Robert Vernon
  Donald Sidney Hanson Hanson, Donald Sidney
  John Walter Hanson Hanson, John Walter
  Anthony Harasimowicz Harasimowicz, Anthony
  Robert Eugene Harbauer Harbauer, Robert Eugene
  Earl Charles Harbin Harbin, Earl Charles
  Mike Harbin Harbin, Mike
  Robert Norris Harbison Harbison, Robert Norris
  Robert Leslie Harbold Harbold, Robert Leslie
  Thomas Hardegree Hardegree, Thomas
  Dewey Lee Hardy Hardy, Dewey Lee
  Gale Winstone Hardy Hardy, Gale Winstone
  Robert Edwin Hardy Hardy, Robert Edwin
  Edward Nelson Hare Hare, Edward Nelson
  Louis John Harget, Jr. Harget, Louis John, Jr.
  Robert Edward Harlock Harlock, Robert Edward
  Elmer Larry Harman, Jr. Harman, Elmer Larry, Jr.
  Guy Philip Harman Harman, Guy Philip
  Floyd Ray Harmon Harmon, Floyd Ray
  Frank George Harms Harms, Frank George
  James Quinton Harper Harper, James Quinton
  John Dott Harper, Jr. Harper, John Dott, Jr.
  Joseph Kirby Harper Harper. Joseph Kirby
  Paul Blaney Harper Harper, Paul Blaney
  James Kenneth Harrell Harrell, James Kenneth
  Roland Eugene Harrell Harrell, Roland Eugene
  Horace Fred Harrelson, Jr. Harrelson, Horace Fred, Jr.
  George Clark Harrington Harrington, George Clark
  Thomas James Harrington Harrington, Thomas James
  Buster Harris Harris, Buster
  Dewitt Harris Harris, Dewitt
  Donald Stires Harris Harris, Donald Stires
  James Bailey Harris Harris, James Bailey
  Jesse Clarence Harris Harris, Jesse Clarence
  John Gordon Harris Harris, John Gordon
  John Junior Harris Harris, John Junior
  John Soloman Harris Harris, John Soloman
  Robert Harris Harris, Robert
  Donald William Harrison Harrison, Donald William
  Ernest Hutton Harrison Harrison, Ernest Hutton
  James Carlton Harrison Harrison, James Carlton
  Ray James Harrison Harrison, Ray James
  Ronald James Harrison Harrison, Ronald James
  Raymond Francis Harsma Harsma, Raymond Francis
  James Francis Hart, Jr. Hart, James Francis, Jr.
  James Russell Hart Hart, James Russell
  Robert Arthur Hart Hart, Robert Arthur
  Glenn Edwin Hartbank Hartbank, Glenn Edwin
  Lamar Hugo Hartje Hartje, Lamar Hugo
  Dennis Russell Hartman Hartman, Dennis Russell
  Leon Myron Hartman Hartman, Leon Myron
  Joe Allan Hartzog Hartzog, Joe Allan
  John Wesley Harvey Harvey, John Wesley
  Paul Lester Harvey Harvey, Paul Lester
  Robert Delbert Harvey, Jr. Harvey, Robert Delbert, Jr.
  Raymond Lavern Harville Harville, Raymond Lavern
  William Clarke Harwi Harwi, William Clarke
  James Dudley Haselden, Jr. Haselden, James Dudley, Jr.
  Ralph Walter Haserodt Haserodt, Ralph Walter
  John Joe Hasiak Hasiak, John Joe
  Jenness Peraly Haskell Haskell, Jenness Peraly
  Robert Gerald Haskell Haskell, Robert Gerald
  Winslow Carlton Haskins Haskins, Winslow Carlton
  John Ellsworth Hasselbrink Hasselbrink, John Ellsworth
  Edward Warren Hastings Hastings, Edward Warren
  William Wilson Hastings Hastings, William Wilson
  Alfred William Hasty Hasty, Alfred William
  Bazil Muse Hatfield, Jr. Hatfield, Bazil Muse, Jr.
  Hiram Delbert Hatfield Hatfield, Hiram Delbert
  John Plesent Hathaway Hathaway, John Plesent
  Robert Louis Hauber Hauber, Robert Louis
  Edward Paul Haupt, Jr. Haupt, Edward Paul, Jr.
  Maurice Charles Havey Havey, Maurice Charles
  Michael Havrilecz Havrilecz, Michael
  Clarence Harry Hawkins Hawkins, Clarence Harry
  William Paul Hawkins Hawkins, William Paul
  Glen Olen Haws Haws, Glen Olen
  Willie Edwin Hawthorn Hawthorn, Willie Edwin
  Paul O'Bryan Hayden Hayden, Paul O'Bryan
  Dean Marriott Hayes Hayes, Dean Marriott
  John William Hayes, Jr. Hayes, John William, Jr.
  Norman Theodore Hayes Hayes, Norman Theodore
  Jack Edwin Haynes Haynes, Jack Edwin
  Leon Paul Hazel Hazel, Leon Paul
  Harry Frank Heald Heald, Harry Frank
  Charles Newton Heath, Jr. Heath, Charles Newton, Jr.
  George Vines Heaton Heaton, George Vines
  Adolph Hede Hede, Adolph
  Warren Edmund Hedrick Hedrick, Warren Edmund
  Bruce Charles Heezen Heezen, Bruce Charles
  Theodore Hefler Hefler, Theodore
  Lambert George Hegerfeld Hegerfeld, Lambert George
  Robert Charles Hegmann Hegmann, Robert Charles
  Richard Heidel Heidel, Richard
  Jean Thomas Heidenrich Heidenrich, Jean Thomas
  Carl Pierce Heinz Heinz, Carl Pierce
  Laird Glenn Heiser Heiser, Laird Glenn
  Thomas Philip Helferich Helferich, Thomas Philip
  Ernest Glenn Hellensmith Hellensmith, Ernest Glenn
  Eugene Wilson Heller Heller, Eugene Wilson
  Richard Lintner Helm Helm, Richard Lintner
  Theo Phillis Helms Helms, Theo Phillis
  Marvin Theodore Helsius Helsius, Marvin Theodore
  Robert Shirley Helton Helton, Robert Shirley
  Richard Earl Hemphill Hemphill, Richard Earl
  William Peet Hemphill, Jr. Hemphill, William Peet, Jr.
  Arnold Gilmer Henderson Henderson, Arnold Gilmer
  Earl Henderson Henderson, Earl
  Hollice Beauford Henderson Henderson, Hollice Beauford
  Lloyd Guy Henderson Henderson, Lloyd Guy
  Richie Neale Henderson Henderson, Richie Neale
  George Donald Hendley Hendley, George Donald
  Gerald Robert Hendricks Hendricks, Gerald Robert
  Walter Charles Hendry Hendry, Walter Charles
  Gaddis Irwin Hendy Hendy, Gaddis Irwin
  Francis Milton Henkel Henkel, Francis Milton
  Melvin Buck Henneberger, Jr. Henneberger, Melvin Buck, Jr.
  John Henri Henri, John
  Donald Otto Henriksen Henriksen, Donald Otto
  James John Henry, Jr. Henry, James John, Jr.
  John Francis Henry Henry, John Francis
  Michael Edward Henry Henry, Michael Edward
  William Richard Henry Henry, William Richard
  Elijah Clinton Hensley Hensley, Elijah Clinton
  George Hepfler Hepfler, George
  Robert P. Herbig Herbig, Robert P.
  Theodore Michael Herda Herda, Theodore Michael
  Walter Barth Hergold Hergold, Walter Barth
  Samuel E. Herman Herman, Samuel E.
  Joram Hernandez Hernandez, Joram
  Hollis Earland Herrin Herrin, Hollis Earland
  William Louis Hershey Hershey, William Louis
  Martin Lewis Herstich, Jr. Herstich, Martin Lewis, Jr.
  Francis Paul Hery Hery, Francis Paul
  Frank Nephi Herzog Herzog, Frank Nephi
  Larry Leroy Hess Hess, Larry Leroy
  Richard Donald Hess Hess, Richard Donald
  Harold LeRoy Hester Hester, Harold LeRoy
  John Henry Heubeck Heubeck, John Henry
  Leonard Hogentogler Hewitt Hewitt, Leonard Hogentogler
  Burton Laurence Heyes Heyes, Burton Laurence
  Don Laffaette Hiatt Hiatt, Don Laffaette
  Frank John Hickcox Hickcox, Frank John
  William Christopher Hickey, Jr. Hickey, William Christopher, Jr.
  Ashley Warren Hicks Hicks, Ashley Warren
  Carl James Hicks Hicks, Carl James
  Melvin Jay Hicks Hicks, Melvin Jay
  Louis Joseph Hieronimus Hieronimus, Louis Joseph
  Thomas Kern Higgins Higgins, Thomas Kern
  Leonard Eugene Highfill Highfill, Leonard Eugene
  Henry Robert Hilbert Hilbert, Henry Robert
  Billy Glen Hill Hill, Billy Glen
  Claude Julian Hill Hill, Claude Julian
  Edwin Sylvester Hill Hill, Edwin Sylvester
  Robert Daniel Hill Hill, Robert Daniel
  Robert Joseph Hill Hill, Robert Joseph
  William Murray Orlo Hill Hill, William Murray Orlo
  Valentine Hiltbold Hiltbold, Valentine
  David Alexander Himes Himes, David Alexander
  James Lowell Hines Hines, James Lowell
  Walter Earl Hinken Hinken, Walter Earl
  Clarence Cornelius Hinton Hinton, Clarence Cornelius
  Ross Eldon Hippler Hippler, Ross Eldon
  Allen Albert Hirst Hirst, Allen Albert
  Holroyd James Hirst Hirst, Holroyd James
  Richard Beverly Hitch Hitch, Richard Beverly
  Riley Monroe Hitt Hitt, Riley Monroe
  Jesse Fisher Hittson Hittson, Jesse Fisher
  Ira Dell Hixon Hixon, Ira Dell
  Norbert Jack William Hizer Hizer, Norbert Jack William
  Joseph Hartshorne Hoague Hoague, Joseph Hartshorne
  James Porter Hodge Hodge, James Porter
  Aaron A. Hodges Hodges, Aaron A.
  Arthur Frederick Hodges Hodges, Arthur Frederick
  Kermit Ward Hodges Hodges, Kermit Ward
  Jack Ira Hoel Hoel, Jack Ira
  Eugene Arthur Hoffman Hoffman, Eugene Arthur
  Eugene Joseph Hoffman Hoffman, Eugene Joseph
  John H. Hoffman Hoffman, John H.
  Randy Charles Hoffman Hoffman, Randy Charles
  Robert Edward Hoffman Hoffman, Robert Edward
  Ross Charles Hoffman, Jr. Hoffman, Ross Charles, Jr.
  William E. Hoffman Hoffman, William E.
  William Anthony Hofman Hofman, William Anthony
  William Thomas Hoge Hoge, William Thomas
  Richard Curtis Hogeland Hogeland, Richard Curtis
  Jesse T. Hogg, Jr. Hogg, Jesse T., Jr.
  Clyde Holland, Jr. Holland, Clyde, Jr.
  Erwin Raymond Holland Holland, Erwin Raymond
  Ray Holland Holland, Ray
  Richard Carl Hollar Hollar, Richard Carl
  George Torborg Hollrock Hollrock, George Torborg
  Marcus Lydell Holmes Holmes, Marcus Lydell
  Merrill Sylvester Holmes Holmes, Merrill Sylvester
  William Howell Holmes Holmes, William Howell
  Donald Edmond William Holquist Holquist, Donald Edmond William
  James Russell Holshouser Holshouser, James Russell
  Theodore Holst, Jr. Holst, Theodore, Jr.
  James Wilson Holt, Jr. Holt, James Wilson, Jr.
  Robert Earl Holt Holt, Robert Earl
  Gerald Price Holtom Holtom, Gerald Price
  Michael J. Holtz Holtz, Michael J.
  Frederick Charles Holzmann, Jr. Holzmann, Frederick Charles, Jr.
  Bennie Stephen Homic Homic, Bennie Stephen
  William Franklin Honaker Honaker, William Franklin
  Earl Verner Hood Hood, Earl Verner
  Frank Edwin Hood Hood, Frank Edwin
  Harley Truman Hood Hood, Harley Truman
  Richard Edward Hooker Hooker, Richard Edward
  William Carson Hooks Hooks, William Carson
  Stanton Lee Hooper Hooper, Stanton Lee
  Robert Darlington Hoopes, Jr. Hoopes, Robert Darlington, Jr.
  Gordon Phillips Hoover Hoover, Gordon Phillips
  Otho Hopewell Hopewell, Otho
  Randall Forrest Hopson Hopson, Randall Forrest
  Edward Stanley Horodynski Horodynski, Edward Stanley
  James Ulysses Horton Horton, James Ulysses
  Andrew Joseph Horvath Horvath, Andrew Joseph
  Joseph Stephen Horvath Horvath, Joseph Stephen
  Frank Decker Hotz Hotz, Frank Decker
  Neuman Pratt Houchen Houchen, Neuman Pratt
  Gerald Bruce Houg Houg, Gerald Bruce
  John Richard Houge Houge, John Richard
  Wilbur Seth Houghton Houghton, Wilbur Seth
  Van Andrew House House, Van Andrew
  Sam Houston Houston, Sam
  Alfred Herman Howard Howard, Alfred Herman
  Charles Emory Howard Howard, Charles Emory
  David Carroll Howard Howard, David Carroll
  Frederick Christopher Howell Howell, Frederick Christopher
  Holly Jackson Howard Howard, Holly Jackson
  Raymond Howard Howard, Raymond
  Howard James Howe Howe, Howard James
  James Larkin Howell Howell, James Larkin
  John William Howell Howell, John William
  Gilbert John Howie, Jr. Howie, Gilbert John, Jr.
  James Elton Hoy Hoy, James Elton
  Fred Alfred Hrynko Hrynko, Fred Alfred
  Ernest John Hubal Hubal, Ernest John
  Ralph Robert Huber Huber, Ralph Robert
  Harry David Huckelberry Huckelberry, Harry David
  Ralph Daniel Huddleston Huddleston, Ralph Daniel
  Allen Don Hudgins Hudgins, Allen Don
  Bunyan Cleveland Hudgins, Jr. Hudgins, Bunyan Cleveland, Jr.
  Albert Leroy Hudson Hudson, Albert Leroy
  Edgar Walker Hudson Hudson, Edgar Walker
  John Francis Hudson Hudson, John Francis
  John Kirkman Huff Huff, John Kirkman
  Roy Edward Huff Huff, Roy Edward
  James Roy Huffman Huffman, James Roy
  Allan Vincent Huffmon Huffmon, Allan Vincent
  Robert Edwin Hughart Hughart, Robert Edwin
  Clyde Edward Hughes Hughes, Clyde Edward
  Donald Patrick Hughes Hughes, Donald Patrick
  Elmer James Hughes Hughes, Elmer James
  Lawrence Thomas Hughes Hughes, Lawrence Thomas
  Paul William Hughes Hughes, Paul William
  Raymond Lloyd Hughes Hughes, Raymond Lloyd
  Robert Luther Hughes Hughes, Robert Luther
  Francis Marion Hughson Hughson, Francis Marion
  Nicholas Andrew Hugyo Hugyo, Nicholas Andrew
  LaVerne Walter Huisman Huisman, LaVerne Walter
  Jack Junior Humble Humble, Jack Junior
  Jeremy Dean Hummel Hummel, Jeremy Dean
  Carl Merton Hund Hund, Carl Merton
  Charles William Hunt Hunt, Charles William
  Walter Bishop Hunt Hunt, Walter Bishop
  Dallas William Hunter Hunter, Dallas William
  Ray Hunter Hunter, Ray
  Eugene Nathan Hunting, Jr. Hunting, Eugene Nathan, Jr.
  Jack Akers Hurst Hurst. Jack Akers
  Lewis Mike Hurst Hurst, Lewis Mike
  David Albert Hurt, Sr. Hurt, David Albert, Sr.
  Paul William Frederick Huschke Huschke, Paul William Frederick
  William Albert Huston Huston, William Albert
  Fred Richardine Hutchens Hutchens, Fred Richardine
  Vard William Hutcherson Hutcherson, Vard William
  Charles Roy Hutchinson Hutchinson, Charles Roy
  Eugene Edsel Hutchinson Hutchinson, Eugene Edsel
  Robert Emmet Hutchinson Hutchinson, Robert Emmet
  Edward Jennings Hutchison Hutchison, Edward Jennings
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I Artemio I. Ibea Ibea, Artemio I.
  Homer Wesley Ijames, Jr. Ijames, Homer Wesley, Jr.
  Stewart Samuel Imwold Imwold, Stewart Samuel
  Robert William Infalt Infalt, Robert William
  John Penfield Inglis Inglis, John Penfield
  George Edward Ingram Ingram, George Edward
  Robert Ralph Ingram Ingram, Robert Ralph
  Michael Intscher, Jr. Intscher, Michael, Jr.
  Vincent Thomas Iovino Iovino, Vincent Thomas
  William Ireland Ireland, William
  Charles Butler Irish, Jr. Irish, Charles Butler, Jr.
  Robert Angelo Irizarry Irizarry, Robert Angelo
  Frank Stubbs Irvine Irvine, Frank Stubbs
  Lloyd Gordon Irving Irving, Lloyd Gordon
  Henry Taylor Irwin, Jr. Irwin, Henry Taylor, Jr.
  Robert Warren Irwin Irwin, Robert Warren
  Lawrence Harvey Isbell Isbell, Lawrence Harvey
  Richard Lee Isley Isley, Richard Lee
  Lyman Leroy Isom Isom, Lyman Leroy
  James Andrew Iverson Iverson, James Andrew
  Norman Seaton Ives Ives, Norman Seaton
  Holly Berry Ivey Ivey, Holly Berry
  Wreath Ivey Ivey, Wreath
J Gary Alan Jaasma Jaasma, Gary Alan
  August Norbert Jackson Jackson, August Norbert
  Eddie Jackson Jackson, Eddie
  Lester Dale Jackson Jackson, Lester Dale
  Montreal Leburt Jackson Jackson, Montreal Leburt
  Nyle Milton Jackson Jackson, Nyle Milton
  Vernon Thompson Jackson Jackson, Vernon Thompson
  Albert Michael Jacobs Jacobs, Albert Michael
  Arthur Martin Jacobs Jacobs, Arthur Martin
  Dick Jacobs Jacobs, Dick
  Lee Francis Jacobs Jacobs, Lee Francis
  Olin Jacobs Jacobs, Olin
  Robert Louis Jacobs Jacobs, Robert Louis
  Steven Craig Jacobs Jacobs, Steven Craig
  Paul Marcellos Jalosky Jalosky, Paul Marcellos
  William Edward Jambor Jambor, William Edward
  Daniel Richard James James, Daniel Richard
  Francis Robert James James, Francis Robert
  Franklin Pierce James James, Franklin Pierce
  Homer Ernest James James, Homer Ernest
  Thomas Henry James James, Thomas Henry
  Robert Laurin Janes Janes, Robert Laurin
  Frank Michael Janish Janish, Frank Michael
  Maurice Frank Jaquay Jaquay, Maurice Frank
  Howard Frank Jaquin Jaquin, Howard Frank
  Charles Jarvis Jarvis, Charles
  Robert Lee Jasa Jasa, Robert Lee
  Walter John Jaskowiak Jaskowiak, Walter John 
  Philip James Jaworski Jaworski, Philip James
  Hezekiah Jefferson Jefferson, Hezekiah
  Losson Verner Jeffrey Jeffrey, Losson Verner
  Romie Lloyd Jeffreys Jeffreys, Romie Lloyd
  Robert Buchanan Jenckes Jenckes, Robert Buchanan
  Euen Melborn Jenes Jenes, Euen Melborn
  Donald Morgan Jenkins Jenkins, Donald Morgan
  John David Jenkins Jenkins, John David
  Lester Lee Jenkins Jenkins, Lester Lee
  Myron Lewis Jenkins Jenkins, Myron Lewis
  Robert Wendell Jenkins Jenkins, Robert Wendell
  Albert Florian Jenni Jenni, Albert Florian
  Calvin Ray Jennings Jennings, Calvin Ray
  George Alfred Jennings Jennings, George Alfred
  Donald Charles Jensen Jensen, Donald Charles
  James Robert Jensen Jensen, James Robert
  William Lewis Jeter Jeter, William Lewis
  Fred Jackson Jewell Jewell, Fred Jackson
  Thomas Edward Jewell Jewell, Thomas Edward
  Gordon Ward Jewett Jewett, Gordon Ward
  David Jimenez Jimenez, David
  Jesse Jobe Jobe, Jesse
  Lester Arne Johanson Johanson, Lester Arne
  Otis Peyton Johnigan Johnigan, Otis Peyton
  Andrew Gordon Johnson Johnson, Andrew Gordon
  Arnold Henry Johnson Johnson, Arnold Henry
  Arthur Johnson Johnson, Arthur
  Brawner Garth Johnson Johnson, Brawner Garth
  Burton Paul Johnson Johnson, Burton Paul
  Carl Monroe Johnson Johnson, Carl Monroe
  Carlton Greenlaw Johnson Johnson, Carlton Greenlaw
  Donald Westly Johnson Johnson, Donald Westly
  Earl Johnson Johnson, Earl
  Edward Albert Johnson Johnson, Edward Albert
  Emil Herman Johnson Johnson, Emil Herman
  Fred Johnson Johnson, Fred
  Harlan Wayne Johnson Johnson, Harlan Wayne
  Harold Malcolm Johnson Johnson, Harold Malcolm
  Harris Jonathon Johnson Johnson, Harris Jonathon
  James Everard Johnson Johnson, James Everard
  James Gordon Johnson Johnson, James Gordon
  Jerrell Robert Johnson Johnson, Jerrell Robert
  John Charles Johnson Johnson, John Charles
  John Frank Johnson Johnson, John Frank
  John Martin Johnson Johnson, John Martin
  John Richard Johnson Johnson, John Richard
  Kenneth Philip Johnson Johnson, Kenneth Philip
  Kindred Bernelle Johnson Johnson, Kindred Bernelle
  Laurel Kenneth Johnson Johnson, Laurel Kenneth
  Leonard Joseph Johnson Johnson, Leonard Joseph
  Lloyd Stanley Johnson Johnson, Lloyd Stanley
  Nathan Young Johnson Johnson, Nathan Young
  Nathaniel Noble Johnson Johnson, Nathaniel Noble
  Neal Kenneth Johnson Johnson, Neal Kenneth
  Percy Johnson, Jr. Johnson, Percy, Jr.
  Richard Lee Johnson Johnson, Richard Lee
  Robert Johnson Johnson, Robert
  Robert Edward Johnson Johnson, Robert Edward
  Robert Eugene Johnson (of USS Swordfish) Johnson, Robert Eugene
  Robert Eugene Johnson (of USS Thresher) Johnson, Robert Eugene
  Samuel Loy Johnson, Jr. Johnson, Samuel Loy, Jr.
  Stanley Ford Johnson Johnson, Stanley Ford
  Stanley Gottfried Johnson Johnson, Stanley Gottfried
  Stephan John Johnson Johnson, Stephan John
  Steven Leroy Johnson Johnson, Steven Leroy
  Stuart Edwin Johnson, Jr. Johnson, Stuart Edwin, Jr.
  Thomas Benjamin Johnson Johnson, Thomas Benjamin
  Clidie Numan Johnston Johnston, Clidie Numan
  James Edward Johnston Johnston, James Edward
  Joseph Johnston, Jr. Johnston, Joseph, Jr.
  Julius Johnston, III Johnston, Julius, III
  Richard Forest Johnston Johnston, Richard Forest
  Russel Mackay Johnston Johnston, Russel Mackay
  Charlie Abe Jones, Jr. Jones, Charlie Abe, Jr.
  Clifford Earl Jones Jones, Clifford Earl
  Edward Reese Jones, Jr. Jones, Edward Reese, Jr.
  Ernest Emin Jones Jones, Ernest Emin
  James Acton Jones Jones, James Acton
  Joseph Wayne Jones Jones, Joseph Wayne
  Louis Hill Jones Jones, Louis Hill
  Marsh Jones Jones, Marsh
  Peter Raymond Jones Jones, Peter Raymond
  Richard William Jones Jones, Richard William
  Roy Edward Jones Jones, Roy Edward
  Roy K. Jones Jones, Roy K.
  Sheridan Patrick Jones Jones, Sheridan Patrick
  Sidney William Jones Jones, Sidney William
  William Beecher Jones Jones, William Beecher
  William Francis Jones, Jr. Jones, William Francis, Jr.
  Charles Francis Jordan, Jr. Jordan, Charles Francis, Jr.
  James Franklin Jordan Jordan, James Franklin
  Kennon Edward Jordan Jordan, Kennon Edward
  William Harrison Jordan, Jr. Jordan, William Harrison, Jr.
  Donald Clyde Jordon Jordon, Donald Clyde
  Arthur Thomas Josephs Josephs, Arthur Thomas
  Michael Patrick Joyce Joyce, Michael Patrick
  Manuel Juarbe-Aldarondo Juarbe-Aldarondo, Manuel
  Harry Fenner Julian Julian, Harry Fenner
  Michael Jurinic Jurinic, Michael
  Steven Jurovaty Jurovaty, Steven
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K Harry Anthony Kaczmarek Kaczmarek, Harry Anthony
  Patrick Charles Kahanek Kahanek, Patrick Charles
  Robert E. Kain Kain, Robert E.
  Louis Charles Kaiser Kaiser, Louis Charles
  Robert O'Brian Kaiser Kaiser, Robert O'Brian
  Robert Wellington Kaiser, Jr. Kaiser, Robert Wellington, Jr.
  Leo Benedict Kalamaja Kalamaja, Leo Benedict
  Michael Wallace Kalinoff Kalinoff, Michael Wallace
  Edmund Joseph Kaluza Kaluza, Edmund Joseph
  John Edward Kanae Kanae, John Edward
  John Theodore Kanagy Kanagy, John Theodore
  James Kane Kane, James
  Sam Kane Kane, Sam
  Walter Maurice Kane, Jr. Kane, Walter Maurice, Jr.
  Steve Kanocz Kanocz, Steve
  Sol Kantor Kantor, Sol
  Thomas Charles Kantz Kantz, Thomas Charles
  George Kaplafka Kaplafka, George
  Gerald Kaplan Kaplan, Gerald
  John Kapral Kapral, John
  Leon Adam Kapusta Kapusta, Leon Adam
  Edward Karaus Karaus, Edward
  Donald Terry Karmasek, Sr. Karmasek, Donald Terry, Sr.
  William Garrard Karr Karr, William Garrard
  Harry Edwin Karwoski Karwoski, Harry Edwin
  John Joseph Kasparowitz Kasparowitz, John Joseph
  Harry John Kassebaum Kassebaum, Harry John
  John Thomas Kassube Kassube, John Thomas
  Abraham Joseph Katz Katz, Abraham Joseph
  William Clarence Kaufman Kaufman, William Clarence
  Harley Albert Kearney Kearney, Harley Albert
  Robert Dennis Kearney Kearney, Robert Dennis
  Henry Francis Keating Keating, Henry Francis
  Loyle Oliver Keaton Keaton, Loyle Oliver
  Roland Wilbur Keckler Keckler, Roland Wilbur
  Robert Thomas Keefer Keefer, Robert Thomas
  Roy Cole Keefer Keefer, Roy Cole
  Alexander Biggs Keegan Keegan, Alexander Biggs
  Arthur Hammond Keeney, Jr. Keeney, Arthur Hammond, Jr.
  Martin Luther Keesee Keesee, Martin Luther
  Ronald Dean Keiler Keiler, Ronald Dean
  Keith Keirn Keirn, Keith
  Paul Frederick Keiser, II Keiser, Paul Frederick, II
  Richard Allison Keister Keister, Richard Allison
  James Howard Kellam Kellam, James Howard
  Alex Keller Keller, Alex
  Donald Wayne Keller Keller, Donald Wayne
  Norman Charles Keller Keller, Norman Charles
  Earl Albert Kelley Kelley, Earl Albert
  Harold Gene Kelley Kelley, Harold Gene
  James Arthur Kelley Kelley, James Arthur
  John Fredrick Kelley Kelley, John Fredrick
  Nelson Kelley, Jr. Kelley, Nelson, Jr.
  Wilbert Fletcher Kelley Kelley, Wilbert Fletcher
  Woodrow Wilson Kelley Kelley, Woodrow Wilson
  James Hubbell Kellogg Kellogg, James Hubbell
  William Ernest Kellogg Kellogg, William Ernest
  Charles Raymond Kelly Kelly, Charles Raymond
  Danny Michael Kelly Kelly, Danny Michael
  James Edward Kelly Kelly, James Edward
  John Robert Kelly Kelly, John Robert
  Norbert William Kelly Kelly, Norbert William
  Robert Michael Kelly Kelly, Robert Michael
  Rustislav Nicholas Kemarsky Kemarsky, Rustislav Nicholas
  Wendell Wayne Kemp Kemp, Wendell Wayne
  Paul R. Kemper Kemper, Paul R.
  Benjamin Franklin Kennedy Kennedy, Benjamin Franklin
  Denver Guy Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy, Denver Guy, Jr.
  Sylvester Joseph Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy, Sylvester Joseph, Jr.
  Jack Edward Kenney Kenney, Jack Edward
  John Bowers Kennon, Jr. Kennon, John Bowers, Jr.
  Elmer Neil Kensler Kensler, Elmer Neil
  Donald Lewis Keplinger Keplinger, Donald Lewis
  Harry Jack Kerbow Kerbow, Harry Jack
  Franklin Brooks Kern Kern, Franklin Brooks
  Reinhardt William Kern Kern, Reinhardt William
  John Irvin Kerns Kerns, John Irvin
  Richard Allen Kerntke, Sr. Kerntke, Richard Allen, Sr.
  Ralph Kerr Kerr, Ralph
  Irvin Eddy Kersey Kersey, Irvin Eddy
  Doyle Kervin Kervin, Doyle
  Harold Kessinger Kessinger, Harold
  Paul Kessock Kessock, Paul
  William George Kesterson Kesterson, William George
  John Andrew Key Key, John Andrew
  Clarence Vernon Kibbons Kibbons, Clarence Vernon
  Lawrence Elmer Kidwell Kidwell, Lawrence Elmer
  George John Kiesecker Kiesecker, George John
  Lyman J. Killion Killion, Lyman J.
  Dan Cleveland Killough Killough, Dan Cleveland
  Duane John Kilpatrick Kilpatrick, Duane John
  Murry Bryan Kimball Kimball, Murry Bryan
  Philip McNeil Kimball Kimball, Philip McNeil
  Ralph Fenton Kimball Kimball, Ralph Fenton
  Andrew George Kimbel Kimbel, Andrew George
  Murray Kimmel Kimmel, Murray
  Ord Kimzey, Jr. Kimzey, Ord, Jr.
  Morris Keith Kincaid Kincaid, Morris Keith
  Edward Winfield King King, Edward Winfield
  Elbert King King, Elbert
  Homer Lymon King King, Homer Lymon
  Horace Edward King King, Horace Edward
  John Patrick King King, John Patrick
  Raymond Harvey King King, Raymond Harvey
  Lewis Andrew Kingsley Kingsley, Lewis Andrew
  Francis Paul Kingston Kingston, Francis Paul
  Kenneth Harold Kinney Kinney, Kenneth Harold
  Victor Edward Kinon Kinon, Victor Edward
  Rodney Joseph Kipp Kipp, Rodney Joseph
  Robert Donald Kiracofe Kiracofe, Robert Donald
  Fred Roland Kirby Kirby, Fred Roland
  Vernon Kirk Kirk, Vernon
  Fred Joseph Kirschbaum Kirschbaum, Fred Joseph
  Albert Kirtley Kirtley, Albert
  Oliver Wayne Kisamore Kisamore, Oliver Wayne
  Sterling Kishbaugh Kishbaugh, Sterling
  Frederick Herman Kisman Kisman, Frederick Herman
  John Edward Kissane Kissane, John Edward
  Isidore Irving Klein Klein, Isidore Irving
  Lloyd Elmer Klett, Jr. Klett, Lloyd Elmer, Jr.
  Billy Max Klier Klier, Billy Max
  David Jason Klieves Klieves, David Jason
  John C. Klimach Klimach, John C.
  Paul Richard Klinedinst, Jr. Klinedinst, Paul Richard, Jr.
  Lyle Nelson Klink Klink, Lyle Nelson
  Robert Leroy Klink Klink, Robert Leroy
  Walter Joseph Klock Klock, Walter Joseph
  George Milton Howard Kloster Kloster, George Milton Howard
  Francis Joseph Klosterman Klosterman, Francis Joseph
  Adam Jack Klupp Klupp, Adam Jack
  Dennis Charles Knapp Knapp, Dennis Charles
  Howard Herbert Knapp Knapp, Howard Herbert
  Paul Knapp Knapp, Paul
  Ralph Bernard Knapp Knapp, Ralph Bernard
  Ronald H. Knaub Knaub, Ronald H.
  Thomas Francis Kneib Kneib, Thomas Francis
  John William Kneidl Kneidl, John William
  Edmund Bixby Kneisel Kneisel, Edmund Bixby
  Donald Herbert Knipstein Knipstein, Donald Herbert
  Harry Theodore Knops Knops, Harry Theodore
  Edward Earl Knowles, Jr. Knowles, Edward Earl, Jr.
  Gilmore Johannes Knutson Knutson, Gilmore Johannes
  Alexander Kobashar Kobashar, Alexander
  Karl William Koch, Jr. Koch, Karl William, Jr.
  George Howard Kocis Kocis, George Howard
  Lawrence Richard Kockler Kockler, Lawrence Richard
  Mark John Koep Koep, Mark John
  William Edward Kohler Kohler, William Edward
  Franklin Breckenridge Kohrs, Jr. Kohrs, Franklin Breckenridge, Jr.
  Stephen Kohut Kohut, Stephen
  John Kolbucar Kolbucar, John
  Frank Manley Koller Koller, Frank Manley
  Walter Allan Koller Koller, Walter Allan
  Harold Bernard Komes Komes, Harold Bernard
  Arthur Carl Konen Konen, Arthur Carl
  Michael Konnick Konnick, Michael
  Jacob Joseph Kopf Kopf, Jacob Joseph
  Victor Joseph Koreyva Koreyva, Victor Joseph
  Joseph Kosman Kosman, Joseph
  Michael Frank Kostal, Jr. Kostal, Michael Frank, Jr.
  Nicholas Leo Koster Koster, Nicholas Leo
  Walter Ernest Kotelman Kotelman, Walter Ernest
  John Mike Koutsos Koutsos, John Mike
  Albert Ernest Kovacs Kovacs, Albert Ernest
  Joseph Kovacs Kovacs, Joseph
  John Walter Koziol Koziol, John Walter
  Robert Lee Krag Krag, Robert Lee
  Eugene James Krall Krall, Eugene James
  Charles Herman Kramb, Jr. Kramb, Charles Herman, Jr.
  Norman Thomas Kramer Kramer, Norman Thomas
  Henry Joseph Kraus Kraus, Henry Joseph
  Fertig Benjamin Krause, Jr. Krause, Fertig Benjamin, Jr.
  Richard Paul Kraut Kraut, Richard Paul
  Edward Krawczykowicz Krawczykowicz, Edward
  Paul Henry Krebs Krebs, Paul Henry
  Sterling Schlicter Krecker Krecker, Sterling Schlicter
  Richard Brissett Kremer Kremer, Richard Brissett
  William Henry Kremin Kremin, William Henry
  Charles Stanley Krempa Krempa, Charles Stanley
  Everett Samuel Krigbaum Krigbaum, Everett Samuel
  Joseph Mike Krizanek Krizanek, Joseph Mike
  Roy Earl Kroll, Jr. Kroll, Roy Earl, Jr.
  George Ronald Kroner Kroner, George Ronald
  Richard Jerome Kroth Kroth, Richard Jerome
  William Wellings Krouse Krouse, William Wellings
  Kenneth Paul Krueger Krueger, Kenneth Paul
  Arthur Star Kruger Kruger, Arthur Star
  Levitt Edward Kruger Kruger, Levitt Edward
  Jeffrey Allen Krull Krull, Jeffrey Allen
  Donald Joseph Kuba Kuba, Donald Joseph
  Joseph William Kucinski Kucinski, Joseph William
  Joseph John Kuczmarski Kuczmarski, Joseph John
  Alfred Eric Kuehn Kuehn, Alfred Eric
  Donald William Kuester Kuester, Donald William
  Waldemar Anastazy Kulczycki, Jr. Kulczycki, Waldemar Anastazy, Jr.
  Albert Julius Max Kunkel, Jr. Kunkel, Albert Julius Max, Jr.
  Kenneth Kirk Kunkle Kunkle, Kenneth Kirk
  Roland Kunstman Kunstman, Roland
  Joseph Anthony Kunz Kunz, Joseph Anthony
  Sol Kushner Kushner, Sol
  Leland Van Kymer, Jr. Kymer, Leland Van, Jr.
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L Walter Clarence LaBarthe LaBarthe, Walter Clarence
  David Anthony Lacasse Lacasse, David Anthony
  Joseph Leo Lacourse Lacourse, Joseph Leo
  Harold William Ladd Ladd, Harold William
  George Robert Laderbush Laderbush, George Robert
  Roy Stuart Laderman Laderman, Roy Stuart
  William Alfred Lafferty Lafferty, William Alfred
  George William Lakey Lakey, George William
  Harold Dewitt Laman Laman, Harold Dewitt
  Richard Anthony Lambert Lambert, Richard Anthony
  Charles Lee Lamberth Lamberth, Charles Lee
  Joseph Norman Lamothe Lamothe, Joseph Norman
  Herold George Lampman Lampman, Herold George
  Charles Wilfred Landers Landers, Charles Wilfred
  Charlie Ollen Landes Landes, Charlie Ollen
  Clayton Lloyd Landon Landon, Clayton Lloyd
  Leo Allen Landres Landres, Leo Allen
  Joseph Melvin Lane Lane, Joseph Melvin
  LeRoy Richard Lane Lane, LeRoy Richard
  Robert Ephraim Lane, Jr. Lane, Robert Ephraim, Jr.
  Harold Holden Lang Lang, Harold Holden
  Walter Emery Lang, Jr. Lang, Walter Emery, Jr.
  William Thomas Lang Lang, William Thomas
  Leonard Albert Langdale Langdale, Leonard Albert
  Charles Norman Langdon Langdon, Charles Norman
  Donald Wallace Lange Lange, Donald Wallace
  Salvatore Joseph Lange Lange, Salvatore Joseph
  Zachary Aaron Langridge Langridge, Zachary Aaron
  Max Franklin Lanier Lanier, Max Franklin
  Norman Gilbert Lanouette Lanouette, Norman Gilbert
  Arthur Delno Lape Lape, Arthur Delno
  John Joseph Laracy, Jr. Laracy, John Joseph, Jr.
  Billie Eugene Larimore Larimore, Billie Eugene
  Raymond Edward LaRiviere LaRiviere, Raymond Edward
  Joseph John Larkin Larkin, Joseph John
  Walter Harvey Larkins Larkins, Walter Harvey
  Roger Joseph LaRouche LaRouche, Roger Joseph
  Carlyle Oscar Larson Larson, Carlyle Oscar
  Harris Raymond Larson Larson, Harris Raymond
  Paul Lewis Larson Larson, Paul Lewis
  Vere Jean LaRue LaRue, Vere Jean
  Jack Lee Lasiter Lasiter, Jack Lee
  John Henry Lassiter Lassiter, John Henry
  David Lexton Latham Latham, David Lexton
  Howard Carlton Latham Latham, Howard Carlton
  Guy Edwin Lauder Lauder, Guy Edwin
  Hollis Oyer Lauderdale Lauderdale, Hollis Oyer
  Floyd George Laughlin Laughlin, Floyd George
  David R. Lauro Lauro, David R.
  Henry Dewey Lauten Lauten, Henry Dewey
  Eugene George Laux Laux, Eugene George
  Wayne Wilfred Lavoie Lavoie, Wayne Wilfred
  Vernon Wade Law Law, Vernon Wade
  John Wylie Lawler Lawler, John Wylie
  Charles Laws Laws, Charles
  Chester Gelean Lawson Lawson, Chester Gelean
  Henry Wilfred Lawson Lawson, Henry Wilfred
  Kenneth Eugene Lawson Lawson, Kenneth Eugene
  Clifford Joseph Lawton Lawton, Clifford Joseph
  Walter Edward Lawton Lawton, Walter Edward
  Leslie Harold Leaf Leaf, Leslie Harold
  Richard Jeremiah Leahey Leahey, Richard Jeremiah
  Edward Lawrence Leahy, Jr. Leahy, Edward Lawrence, Jr.
  James David Lear Lear, James David
  Millard Fillmore Learned Learned, Millard Fillmore
  Charles Edward Leary Leary, Charles Edward
  Stephen Risadore Le Beau, Jr. Le Beau, Stephen Risadore, Jr.
  Charles Frederick LeComte LeComte, Charles Frederick
  Moore Julius Ledford Ledford, Moore Julius
  George Waldon Lee Lee, George Waldon
  Noah Blackmon Lee, Jr. Lee, Noah Blackmon, Jr.
  Robert E. Lee Lee, Robert E.
  Robert Peter Lee Lee, Robert Peter
  Russell Willie Lee Lee, Russell Willie
  Raymond Arthur Leecy Leecy, Raymond Arthur
  Merton Hibbard Leeman, Jr. Leeman, Merton Hibbard, Jr.
  Royal Allen Leese Leese, Royal Allen
  John Warren LeFebvre LeFebvre, John Warren
  George William Lefferts, Jr. Lefferts, George William, Jr.
  Harris Palmer Leffler Leffler, Harris Palmer
  William Reed Leger Leger, William Reed
  Woodrow Wilson Lehman Lehman, Woodrow Wilson
  Leo Richard Leinwand, Jr. Leinwand, Leo Richard, Jr.
  Lawrence Dewain Leland Leland, Lawrence Dewain
  William John Lemke Lemke, William John
  Clarence Lister Lemper Lemper. Clarence Lister
  Leonard Norman Lense Lense, Leonard Norman
  Brydon Dee Leo Leo, Brydon Dee
  Cecil Burton Leonard Leonard, Cecil Burton
  Charles Upham Leonard Leonard, Charles Upham
  Warren Dean Leonard Leonard, Warren Dean
  Wesley Lewis Leonard Leonard, Wesley Lewis
  Edwin Jack Lester Lester, Edwin Jack
  Jesse Augustus Lester Lester, Jesse Augustus
  Robert Lawrence Lester Lester, Robert Lawrence
  Clifford Stanley Lesurf Lesurf, Clifford Stanley
  Charles Buddy LeVan LeVan, Charles Buddy
  Melvin Putman Leveille Leveille, Melvin Putman
  Raymond August Levesque Levesque, Raymond August
  George Bernard Levin Levin, George Bernard
  Donald Judell Levy Levy, Donald Judell
  James Edward Lewellyn Lewellyn, James Edward
  Albert Sylvester Lewis Lewis, Albert Sylvester
  George James Lewis Lewis, George James
  Robert Julian Lewis Lewis, Robert Julian
  Robert Simon Lewis Lewis, Robert Simon
  Rodney John Lewis Lewis, Rodney John
  Warren Edwin Lewis Lewis, Warren Edwin
  William Theodore Lewis Lewis, William Theodore
  William Mitchell Lewitt Lewitt, William Mitchell
  Herman William Ley Ley, Herman William
  Edwin Eugene L'Heureux L'Heureux, Edwin Eugene
  William Charles Lidgerding Lidgerding, William Charles
  Anthony Lieder Lieder, Anthony
  Charles Liggett Liggett, Charles
  Guy William Liggett Liggett, Guy William
  Gilbert Roland Likert Likert, Gilbert Roland
  Steve Likevich, Jr. Likevich, Steve, Jr.
  Daniel Charles Lilley Lilley, Daniel Charles
  Sylvester Benjamin Lilley Lilley, Sylvester Benjamin
  Boyd Odell Lindeman Lindeman, Boyd Odell
  Clarence Albert Lindemann Lindemann, Clarence Albert
  Charles Freeman Linder Linder, Charles Freeman
  Marshall Todd Lindgren Lindgren, Marshall Todd
  Brady Domone Lindsay Lindsay, Brady Domone
  Douglas Cleveland Lindsay Lindsay, Douglas Cleveland
  Frank Lindsay Lindsay, Frank
  Joseph Coverdale Lindsay Lindsay, Joseph Coverdale
  Thomas William Lingel, Jr. Lingel, Thomas William, Jr.
  Loren Lee Lipinski Lipinski, Loren Lee
  Robert Eugene Litchfield Litchfield, Robert Eugene
  Jack Allen Little Little, Jack Allen
  John Bert Littledave Littledave, John Bert
  Howard Christopher Littlefield Littlefield, Howard Christopher
  Allan Hartley Littleford Littleford, Allan Hartley
  Robert Orval Littlejohn Littlejohn, Robert Orval
  Frank Litzenburger, Jr. Litzenburger, Frank, Jr.
  John Weichert Livingston Livingston, John Weichert
  Karl Addison Livingston Livingston, Karl Addison
  Lindley Herbert Llewellyn Llewellyn, Lindley Herbert
  David Bennett Lloyd Lloyd, David Bennett
  Edward James Lloyd Lloyd, Edward James
  Robert Dale Lloyd Lloyd, Robert Dale
  Robert William Lloyd Lloyd, Robert William
  Henry Peter Lobeck Lobeck, Henry Peter
  Angelo LoCascio LoCascio, Angelo
  Charles Leonard Lockwood Lockwood, Charles Leonard
  Glen Gordon Lockwood Lockwood, Glen Gordon
  Thomas Gornall Lockwood Lockwood, Thomas Gornall
  Douglas Henry Norman Lockyer Lockyer, Douglas Henry Norman
  Sidney Arthur Loe Loe, Sidney Arthur
  Rex Henry Loftis Loftis, Rex Henry
  Joseph Logan Logan, Joseph
  Samuel Moore Logan Logan, Samuel Moore
  William Franklin Logan Logan, William Franklin
  Earl Logsdon Logsdon, Earl
  Wesley Wayne Logue Logue, Wesley Wayne
  Wallace Eugene Loken Loken, Wallace Eugene
  George Alvin Lokey Lokey, George Alvin
  James R. Lombard Lombard, James R.
  John Peyton Lonas Lonas, John Peyton
  Charles William London London, Charles William
  Jack Hayden "J. H." Long Long, Jack Hayden "J. H."
  Gerald Augusta Looney Looney, Gerald Augusta
  Russell LoPresti LoPresti, Russell
  Henry Shippen Lord, Jr. Lord, Henry Shippen, Jr.
  Walter Garcia Lorente Lorente, Walter Garcia
  Robert Lorenz Lorenz, Robert
  Ernest Peter Lorio Lorio, Ernest Peter
  Zody Leyritana Los Banes Los Banes, Zody Leyritana
  Leroy Edgar Loudon Loudon, Leroy Edgar
  Thomas Phillip Loughlin Loughlin, Thomas Phillip
  Walter Howard Louney Louney, Walter Howard
  Alexander Love Love, Alexander
  Lloyd Milford Love Love, Lloyd Milford
  Chester Loveless Loveless, Chester
  Denzel Walter Lovell Lovell, Denzel Walter
  Carl Marvin Lovett Lovett, Carl Marvin
  Lyman Frederick Lovley Lovley, Lyman Frederick
  Billie Barton Lowery Lowery, Billie Barton
  John Jackson Lowrey Lowrey, John Jackson
  Lawrence Edward Lozaw Lozaw, Lawrence Edward
  Joseph Benjamin Lucas, Jr. Lucas, Joseph Benjamin, Jr.
  Frederick Luedemann Luedemann, Frederick
  Fred Walter Lujan Lujan, Fred Walter
  Arnold Raymond Lund Lund, Arnold Raymond
  Lawrence Wilbur Lundgren Lundgren, Lawrence Wilbur
  Archie Hovis Lunger Lunger, Archie Hovis
  Samuel Elisha Lunsford, Jr. Lunsford, Samuel Elisha, Jr.
  John Leo Lutley Lutley, John Leo
  Joseph Arnold Lutman Lutman, Joseph Arnold
  Daniel Luyk Luyk, Daniel
  John Sheldon Lyman, Jr. Lyman, John Sheldon, Jr.
  Carl Dean Lynch Lynch, Carl Dean
  Joseph Francis Lynch Lynch, Joseph Francis
  Louis Jerome Lynch Lynch, Louis Jerome
  Maurice Edward Lynch Lynch, Maurice Edward
  Walter Lawrence Lynch Lynch, Walter Lawrence
  Robert Erich Lynde Lynde, Robert Erich
  Frank Mourfield Lynes Lynes, Frank Mourfield
  Charles Wesley Lynn, Jr. Lynn, Charles Wesley, Jr.
  Clifford Warren Lynn Lynn, Clifford Warren
  Harvey Austin Lynn, Jr. Lynn, Harvey Austin, Jr.
  Daniel Benjamin Lyon Lyon, Daniel Benjamin
  James Wallace Lyon Lyon, James Wallace
  Otto James Lyon Lyon, Otto James
  William Clarence Lyons, Jr. Lyons, William Clarence, Jr.
  Horace Paul Lytle Lytle, Horace Paul
  Ellroy Lytton Lytton, Ellroy
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M Donald Holden Maas Maas, Donald Holden
Charles Grover Maben, Jr. Maben, Charles Grover, Jr.
  William Tucker Mabin Mabin, William Tucker
  Templeman Norwood Mabry, Jr. Mabry, Templeman Norwood, Jr.
  Santiago Pablo Mabuti Mabuti, Santiago Pablo
  Stuart Emerson MacAlman MacAlman, Stuart Emerson
  Frederick Winthrope MacDonald MacDonald, Frederick Winthrope
  Robert Scrymser MacDonald MacDonald, Robert Scrymser
  Thomas Jamieson Kennedy MacGowen MacGowen, Thomas Jamieson Kennedy
  Edward Maciejewski Maciejewski, Edward
  James Clyde MacIntyre MacIntyre, James Clyde
  Robert Lawrence Mack Mack, Robert Lawrence
  William Gerald Mack Mack, William Gerald
  Donald Dale Mackey Mackey, Donald Dale
  Robert Wallace MacLachlan MacLachlan, Robert Wallace
  John Churchill MacMahon MacMahon, John Churchill
  Arthur Leslie MacVane MacVane, Arthur Leslie
  Marvin Russell Macy Macy, Marvin Russell
  Charles Arthur Madden Madden, Charles Arthur
  John Joseph Madden, Jr. Madden, John Joseph, Jr.
  John Wesley Maddox Maddox, John Wesley
  John Hobert Maddux Maddux, John Hobert
  Gerald Francesco Madeo Madeo, Gerald Francesco
  Alfred Madey Madey, Alfred
  Gordon Oscar Madison Madison, Gordon Oscar
  Robert Bruce Madsen Madsen, Robert Bruce
  Austin Maeder Maeder, Austin
  Patrick Dewey Magee Magee, Patrick Dewey
  Allan George Maghan Maghan, Allan George
  Joseph Francis Magner Magner, Joseph Francis
  Stanley Wayne Maguire Maguire, Stanley Wayne
  Albert John Magyar Magyar, Albert John
  Ivan Lenore Mahan Mahan, Ivan Lenore
  Clarence Howard Mairs Mairs, Clarence Howard
  Frank Paul Majuri, Jr. Majuri, Frank Paul, Jr.
  Jose Malazo Malazo, Jose
  Frank John Malinski Malinski, Frank John
  Glenn Raymond Malko Malko, Glenn Raymond
  James Frederick Mallan Mallan, James Frederick
  Dallas Leroy Malone Malone, Dallas Leroy
  Thomas James Maloney Maloney, Thomas James
  Flavel Baird Maloy, Jr. Maloy, Flavel Baird, Jr.
  Joseph Malysicwski Malysicwski, Joseph
  Paul Anthony Mandjiak Mandjiak, Paul Anthony
  Francis Raymond Maney Maney, Francis Raymond
  Kenneth Walter Manful Manful, Kenneth Walter
  Lawrence Anthony Manganello Manganello, Lawrence Anthony
  John Gordon Manley Manley, John Gordon
  Richard Herman Mann, Jr. Mann, Richard Herman, Jr.
  Oscar Victor Mannas Mannas, Oscar Victor
  James Robert Manning Manning, James Robert
  Ralph Erskine Manning Manning, Ralph Erskine
  Wallace Seth Manning Manning, Wallace Seth
  Raymond Lorne Mansfield Mansfield, Raymond Lorne
  Alden Armand Marcotte Marcotte, Alden Armand
  Arnold Marcus Marcus, Arnold
  Grover Wade Marcus Marcus, Grover Wade
  Roy Kenneth Marin Marin, Roy Kenneth
  John Joseph Marino Marino, John Joseph
  Anthony Thomas Marsico Marsico, Anthony Thomas
  David Andrew Mark Mark, David Andrew
  Jack Phillip Markham Markham, Jack Phillip
  Jack Thomas Markham Markham, Jack Thomas
  Loran Robert Markin Markin, Loran Robert
  Charles Oliver Markle, Jr. Markle, Charles Oliver, Jr.
  John Emery Markle Markle, John Emery
  John Henry Marks Marks, John Henry
  Ollie Hatcher Marlowe, Jr. Marlowe, Ollie Hatcher, Jr.
  Joy McDowell Marriott, Jr. Marriott, Joy McDowell, Jr.
  Joseph Blaze Marsh Marsh, Joseph Blaze
  George Franklin Marston, Jr. Marston, George Franklin, Jr.
  Carson Raymond Martin Martin, Carson Raymond
  Charles Merril Martin Martin, Charles Merril
  Clifford Leroy Martin Martin, Clifford Leroy
  George Henry Martin Martin, George Henry
  Gilbert Sherman Martin Martin, Gilbert Sherman
  Kenneth Robert Martin Martin, Kenneth Robert
  Merlin Guy Martin Martin, Merlin Guy
  Paulino Pascual Martin Martin, Paulino Pascual
  Ray Eugene Martin Martin, Ray Eugene
  Thomas Edward Martin Martin, Thomas Edward
  Wallace Keet Martin Martin, Wallace Keet
  William Boyd Martin, Jr. Martin, William Boyd, Jr.
  Frank Martini Martini, Frank
  Julius Francis Marullo, Jr. Marullo, Julius Francis, Jr.
  James Frank Marvel Marvel, James Frank
  Marvin Jerome Marx Marx, Marvin Jerome
  Byron Tucker Masincupp Masincupp, Byron Tucker
  Joseph Masloski Masloski, Joseph
  William Barton Mason, Jr. Mason, William Barton, Jr.
  Edward Eugene Massa Massa, Edward Eugene
  Peter Joseph Massett Massett, Peter Joseph
  Arthur Ray Massey Massey, Arthur Ray
  Earl Leander Masters Masters, Earl Leander
  Donald Paul Masucci Masucci, Donald Paul
  Kenneth James Matchett Matchett, Kenneth James
  Curtis Virgle Mathis Mathis, Curtis Virgle
  Jacob Mathis Mathis, Jacob
  Merlin O'Neal Mathis Mathis, Merlin O'Neal
  Ryder Mathison Mathison, Ryder
  Raymond Charles Mattes Mattes, Raymond Charles
  Cleo Locke Matthews Matthews, Cleo Locke
  William George Matthews Matthews, William George
  Alden Curtis Mattison Mattison, Alden Curtis
  Charles Chester Mattson Mattson, Charles Chester
  Wayne Thomas Eldred Mattson Mattson, Wayne Thomas Eldred
  Lawrence Leonard Mauer Mauer, Lawrence Leonard
  Ernest Cletus Maulding Maulding, Ernest Cletus
  George Evans Maulding Maulding, George Evans
  Robert Benton Maulding Maulding, Robert Benton
  Charles Robert Maus Maus, Charles Robert
  Matthew Mautner Mautner, Matthew
  Charles David Maxson Maxson, Charles David
  Clyde Maxwell Maxwell, Clyde
  Theodore Gilyard May May, Theodore Gilyard
  Richard Henry Mayberry Mayberry, Richard Henry
  Philip Stanley Mayer Mayer, Philip Stanley
  John Burns Mayes Mayes, John Burns
  Charles William Mazari Mazari, Charles William
  Julian Burnard Mazeika Mazeika, Julian Burnard
  Frank Patsy Mazzuchi Mazzuchi, Frank Patsy
  Huie King McAfee McAfee, Huie King
  Roy Julian McBride McBride, Roy Julian
  Harold Dennis McBroome McBroome, Harold Dennis
  Morris Franklin McCaffrey McCaffrey, Morris Franklin
  Henry Eugene McCall McCall, Henry Eugene
  Herman Thurmon McCalop McCalop, Herman Thurmon
  Frank Benjamin McCarson McCarson, Frank Benjamin
  John Joseph McCarthy McCarthy, John Joseph
  James William McCartney McCartney, James William
  Wesley McCartney McCartney, Wesley
  Virgil Ford McClatchey McClatchey, Virgil Ford
  Douglas Ray McClelland McClelland, Douglas Ray
  Emmett William McCloskey McCloskey, Emmett William
  Thomas Daniel McCloskey McCloskey, Thomas Daniel
  Robert Lee McClunny McClunny, Robert Lee
  Ike Lankford McClure McClure, Ike Lankford
  Ralph Edgar McClure McClure, Ralph Edgar
  William Jennings McClure McClure, William Jennings
  Ramsey Farley McConnell McConnell, Ramsey Farley
  Donald James McCord McCord, Donald James
  Nicholas Joseph McCormack McCormack, Nicholas Joseph
  Patrick Henry McCormack McCormack, Patrick Henry
  Ralph Edward McCormack McCormack, Ralph Edward
  David Bennett McCorquodale McCorquodale, David Bennett
  Charles Francis McCoy McCoy, Charles Francis
  Edward Howard McCoy McCoy, Edward Howard
  William Thomas McCranie McCranie, William Thomas
  Frank Elmer McCreary McCreary, Frank Elmer
  John William McCreary, Jr. McCreary, John William, Jr.
  Walter Rea McCuen McCuen, Walter Rea
  William Evorn McCulough, Jr. McCulough, William Evorn, Jr.
  Richard George McCutcheon McCutcheon, Richard George
  Ray McDaniel McDaniel, Ray
  Harry Allen McDermott McDermott, Harry Allen
  Donald McDonald, Jr. McDonald, Donald, Jr.
  James Henry McDonald McDonald, James Henry
  Warren Glenn McDonald McDonald, Warren Glenn
  G. W. McDonough McDonough, G. W.
  Karl Paul McDonough McDonough, Karl Paul
  William Bayne McDuffie McDuffie, William Bayne
  James McElrath McElrath, James
  Rex Edgar McElroy McElroy, Rex Edgar
  Ones William McEntyer McEntyer, Ones William
  Melvin LeRoy McFadden McFadden, Melvin LeRoy
  James Edward McGahan McGahan, James Edward
  Danny Thomas McGee McGee, Danny Thomas
  Justin Michael McGee McGee, Justin Michael
  Thomas Judson McGill, Jr. McGill, Thomas Judson, Jr.
  Howard Eugene McGilton McGilton, Howard Eugene
  Joseph Alfred McGinley McGinley, Joseph Alfred
  Joseph McGovern McGovern, Joseph
  Francis Maurice McGrath McGrath, Francis Maurice
  James Francis McGuinness McGuinness, James Francis
  Michael Lee McGuire McGuire, Michael Lee
  Ralph Marion McGuire, Jr. McGuire, Ralph Marion, Jr.
  Forrest Orange McHolland McHolland, Forrest Orange
  Lawrence John McHugh, Jr. McHugh, Lawrence John, Jr.
  Raymond Kermit McIntire McIntire, Raymond Kermit
  Richard Orville McKean McKean, Richard Orville
  Eugene Orland McKee McKee, Eugene Orland
  Richard Stanley McKee McKee, Richard Stanley
  Franklin Hotchkiss McKelvey McKelvey, Franklin Hotchkiss
  John Richard McKenna McKenna, John Richard
  Mack McKennon McKennon, Mack
  Jack McCallum McKenzie, Sr. McKenzie, Jack McCallum, Sr.
  Paul Ralph McKibben McKibben, Paul Ralph
  Alonzo Allison McKinley McKinley, Alonzo Allison
  Eldridge Warren McKinney McKinney, Eldridge Warren
  Kenneth Ernest McKinney McKinney, Kenneth Ernest
  Hugh Ferguson McKnight, Jr. McKnight, Hugh Ferguson, Jr.
  James William McLallen McLallen, James William
  Vernon Clair McLane McLane, Vernon Clair
  Harry Bland McLaughlin, Jr. McLaughlin, Harry Bland, Jr.
  John Joseph McLaughlin McLaughlin, John Joseph
  Terence K. McLaughlin McLaughlin, Terrance K.
  William Albert McLaughlin McLaughlin, William Albert
  Robert Andrew McLean McLean, Robert Andrew
  Bernard Eugene McLendon McLendon, Bernard Eugene
  Willie Raderick McLendon McLendon, Willie Raderick
  John McMahon McMahon, John
  John Merton McMahon McMahon, John Merton
  Francis Joseph McManus McManus, Francis Joseph
  Marvin Roy McMillan McMillan, Marvin Roy
  Russell Kenneth McMillan McMillan, Russell Kenneth
  Robert Vance McMorrow McMorrow, Robert Vance
  Joe Francis McMullen McMullen, Joe Francis
  Louis Robert McMullen McMullen, Louis Robert
  Robert C. McNab McNab, Robert C.
  John Joseph McNabb McNabb, John Joseph
  Frank Angus McNally, Jr. McNally, Frank Angus, Jr.
  Robert Thomas McNeela McNeela, Robert Thomas
  Donald John McNeill McNeill, Donald John
  John Robert McNeill McNeill, John Robert
  Willie Alexander McNeill McNeill, Willie Alexander
  Wallace Frank McNicol McNicol, Wallace Frank
  Kenneth Robert McPherson McPherson, Kenneth Robert
  Michael James McQuiwn McQuiwn, Michael James
  Duncan Archie McRae McRae, Duncan Archie
  John Joseph McShane McShane, John Joseph
  Donald Jay McSpadden McSpadden, Donald Jay
  John Francis McTavish McTavish, John Francis
  Gordan Keith McWilliams McWilliams, Gordan Keith
  William Thomas Meacham, Jr. Meacham, William Thomas, Jr.
  Fred Nixon Meadows Meadows, Fred Nixon
  Richard Warren Means Means, Richard Warren
  Joseph Duarte Medeiros, Jr. Medeiros, Joseph Duarte, Jr.
  Benjamin Ralph Medley Medley, Benjamin Ralph
  Frederick Louis Meischke Meischke, Frederick Louis
  Curtis Maurice Melancon Melancon, Curtis Maurice
  Raymond Charles Meldazis Meldazis, Raymond Charles
  Ralph Perez Melendez Melendez, Ralph Perez
  Harry James Edward Melrose Melrose, Harry James Edward
  Robert Hamilton Melton Melton, Robert Hamilton
  George Robert Melvin Melvin, George Robert
  William Hanna Mendenhall Mendenhall, William Hanna
  Lyle Kenneth Menear Menear, Lyle Kenneth
  Joseph Norfleet Mercer Mercer, Joseph Norfleet
  Ferdinand Frank Meringolo Meringolo, Ferdinand Frank
  Joel Atwood Merriman, Jr. Merriman, Joel Atwood, Jr.
  Robert Frank Merritt Merritt, Robert Frank
  John Peter Albert Messang Messang, John Peter Albert
  Grant Richard Messenger Messenger, Grant Richard
  William George Messerschmidt Messerschmidt, William George
  Grover Edwin Metz Metz, Grover Edwin
  Lester Lavern Metzger Metzger, Lester Lavern
  Alfred Metzler Metzler, Alfred
  Thomas Theodore Metzler Metzler, Thomas Theodore
  Marion Thomas Mewbourn Mewbourn, Marion Thomas
  Frederick William Herman Meyer Meyer, Frederick William Herman
  Robert Gene Meyer Meyer, Robert Gene
  Vernon Alton Meyer Meyer, Vernon Alton
  Louis Joseph Meyers Meyers, Louis Joseph
  Max Frederick Micha Micha, Max Frederick
  Forrest Samuel Michael Michael, Forrest Samuel
  Rayhugh George Michael Michael, Rayhugh George
  Sidney Lynn Middleton Middleton, Sidney Lynn
  Darius Thomas Midgett Midgett, Darius Thomas
  Sergi Andreevitch Mihailoff Mihailoff, Sergi Andreevitch
  William Alfred Mikkelson Mikkelson, William Alfred
  Steven Charles Miksad Miksad, Steven Charles
  Harry Roger Milberger Milberger, Harry Roger
  Henry Vernon Miles, Jr. Miles, Henry Vernon, Jr.
  Lawrence Charles Millard Millard, Lawrence Charles
  Arthur Howard Miller Miller, Arthur Howard
  Arthur Leverne Miller Miller, Arthur Leverne
  Charles Arthur Miller Miller, Charles Arthur
  Charles Edward Miller Miller, Charles Edward
  Chester Miller Miller, Chester
  Chester Lee Miller Miller, Chester Lee
  Clarence Ralph Miller Miller, Clarence Ralph
  Clifford L. Miller Miller, Clifford L.
  Dale Clarence Miller Miller, Dale Clarence
  Ernest Carl Miller Miller, Ernest Carl
  Ernest Wade Miller Miller, Ernest Wade
  George Francis Miller Miller, George Francis
  James Robert Miller Miller, James Robert
  John Duckett Miller Miller, John Duckett
  John Henry Miller Miller, John Henry
  Joseph Francis Miller, Jr. Miller, Joseph Francis, Jr.
  Paul Judson Miller, Jr. Miller, Paul Judson, Jr.
  Ralph Van Dorn Miller Miller, Ralph Van Dorn
  Richard Lawrence Miller Miller, Richard Lawrence
  Robert Francis Miller, Jr. Miller, Robert Francis, Jr.
  Robert Henry Miller Miller, Robert Henry
  Robert Thomas Miller Miller, Robert Thomas
  Shannon Osborn Miller, Jr. Miller, Shannon Osborn, Jr.
  Stanley DeWitt Miller Miller, Stanley DeWitt
  Virgil Andrew Miller Miller, Virgil Andrew
  William E. Miller Miller, William E.
  Gilbert Lee Millhouse Millhouse, Gilbert Lee
  Franklin Alexander Million Million, Franklin Alexander
  Robert Scott Millis Millis, Robert Scott
  Calvin Coolidge Millner Millner, Calvin Coolidge
  Harry Foster Mills Mills, Harry Foster
  Max Leroy Mills Mills, Max Leroy
  Richard Frederick Mills Mills, Richard Frederick
  Robert Ray Mills Mills, Robert Ray
  Oscar Joseph Milot Milot, Oscar Joseph
  Blaine Gilmore Miltner Miltner, Blaine Gilmore
  Peter Paul Milus Milus, Peter Paul
  Frank Lester Mims Mims, Frank Lester
  Steven J. Minardi Minardi, Steven J.
  Herbert Ambrose Miner Miner, Herbert Ambrose
  Arthur Joseph Minkle, Jr. Minkle, Arthur Joseph, Jr.
  Frank Minnick Minnick, Frank
  James Emerson Minor Minor, James Emerson
  Warren Herman Mintken Mintken, Warren Herman
  Donald Eugene Misner Misner, Donald Eugene
  Charles Ambrose Mitchell Mitchell, Charles Ambrose
  George Robert Mitchell Mitchell, George Robert
  George Willard Mitchell Mitchell, George Willard
  Gordon Richard Mitchell Mitchell, Gordon Richard
  Harold Edward Mitchell Mitchell, Harold Edward
  Henry Murel Mitchell Mitchell, Henry Murel
  Herman Mondell Mitchell Mitchell, Herman Mondell
  Walter Herschel Mitchell Mitchell, Walter Herschel
  Vincent Paul Mlynek Mlynek, Vincent Paul
  Cecil Frederick Mobley Mobley, Cecil Frederick
  Samuel Arnold Moccabee Moccabee, Samuel Arnold
  Otto Frederick Moeller Moeller, Otto Frederick
  Willard Moeller Moeller, Willard
  Vernon Leo Moench Moench, Vernon Leo
  Charles Allen Moffett, Jr. Moffett, Charles Allen, Jr.
  Chester Malcolm Moffitt Moffitt, Chester Malcolm
  John Joseph Moffitt Moffitt, John Joseph
  Arthur Martin Moitz Moitz, Arthur Martin
  George Dana Mollohan Mollohan, George Dana
  Joseph Moncada Moncada, Joseph
  Robert Bruce Monroe Monroe, Robert Bruce
  Wallace Montague Montague, Wallace
  Kenneth Maurice Montgomery Montgomery, Kenneth Maurice
  Harold Wayne Mooningham Mooningham, Harold Wayne
  Charleton L. Moore Moore, Charleton L.
  Eugene Sturm Moore Moore, Eugene Sturm
  Harold Martin Moore Moore, Harold Martin
  Harvey Wilson Moore, Jr. Moore, Harvey Wilson, Jr.
  Horace Linken Moore Moore, Horace Linken
  Howard Fred Moore Moore, Howard Fred
  Omery Dewey Moore, Jr. Moore, Omery Dewey, Jr.
  Otto Junior Moore Moore, Otto Junior
  Robert Moore Moore, Robert
  Willis Leroy Moore Moore, Willis Leroy
  Arthur Patrick Moran Moran, Arthur Patrick
  Henry Charles Moreau Moreau, Henry Charles
  Arnold Frank Moreton Moreton, Arnold Frank
  Arthur Bernard Morgan Morgan, Arthur Bernard
  Charles Morgan Morgan, Charles
  George Peter Morgan Morgan, George Peter
  Harold Parr Morgan Morgan, Harold Parr
  Henry Frank Morgan Morgan, Henry Frank
  Howard William Morgan Morgan, Howard William
  John Lawrence Morgan Morgan, John Lawrence
  Raymond Dale Morgan Morgan, Raymond Dale
  Robert Francis Morgan, Jr. Morgan, Robert Francis, Jr.
  Thomas Moore Morgan Morgan, Thomas Moore
  Robert Crawford Morin Morin, Robert Crawford
  Keith Noel Morrell Morrell, Keith Noel
  Robert Michael Morrilly Morrilly, Robert Michael
  Earl Morris Morris, Earl
  Edward Lyle Morris Morris, Edward Lyle
  Fred Joseph Morris Morris, Fred Joseph
  John Joseph Morris Morris, John Joseph
  Joseph Albert Morris Morris, Joseph Albert
  William Ira Morris, Sr. Morris, William Ira, Sr.
  Edward Joseph Morrison Morrison, Edward Joseph
  Grover Cleveland Morrison, Jr. Morrison, Grover Cleveland, Jr.
  Henry Fredrick Morrison Morrison, Henry Fredrick
  J. L. Morrison Morrison, J. L.
  Julian Knox Morrison, Jr. Morrison, Julian Knox, Jr.
  Raymond Dale Morrison Morrison, Raymond Dale
  William Morrison Morrison, William
  Richard Francis Morrissey Morrissey, Richard Francis
  Norman Warren Mortensen Mortensen, Norman Warren
  Lyle Edward Mosbey Mosbey, Lyle Edward
  Brian Anthony Moss Moss, Brian Anthony
  Clarence Elmore Moss Moss, Clarence Elmore
  Leonard David Moss Moss, Leonard David
  Roy Benjamin Moss Moss, Roy Benjamin
  William Gene Moss Moss, William Gene
  J. Earl Moulton Moulton, J. Earl
  Julio Lima de Moura Moura, Julio Lima de
  Herbert Barnes Much Much, Herbert Barnes
  Robert Lawrence Mudd Mudd, Robert Lawrence
  John Crawford Mueller Mueller, John Crawford
  Denzel Eddy Muggy Muggy, Denzel Eddy
  Charles Roy Muir Muir, Charles Roy
  Ronald Arthur Muise Muise, Ronald Arthur
  Albert Jackson Mullis Mullis, Albert Jackson
  George Aloysius Mulvenna Mulvenna, George Aloysius
  Anderson Mitchell Munn Munn, Anderson Mitchell
  Wayne Francis Munsch Munsch, Wayne Francis
  James Marion Munsel Munsel, James Marion
  Robert William Muntz Muntz, Robert William
  Charles Joseph Muoio Muoio, Charles Joseph
  Daniel Finucane Murphy, Jr. Murphy, Daniel Finucane, Jr.
  Patrick Jude Murphy Murphy, Patrick Jude
  Thomas John Murphy Murphy, Thomas John
  William Joseph Murphy Murphy, William Joseph
  Elmon Truett Murray Murray, Elmon Truett
  Myles Harlan Murray Murray, Myles Harlan
  Robert William Murray Murray, Robert William
  James Alton Musselwhite Musselwhite, James Alton
  Warren Hasting Myer Myer, Warren Hasting
  David Oliver Myers Myers, David Oliver
  Harvey Loyal Myers Myers, Harvey Loyal
  Lewis Edwin Myers, Jr. Myers, Lewis Edwin, Jr.
  Seth Jacob Myers Myers, Seth Jacob
  William Hugh Myers, Jr. Myers, William Hugh, Jr.
  James Melvin Myler Myler, James Melvin
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N Thomas Anthony Narrow, Jr. Narrow, Thomas Anthony, Jr.
  Benjamin Marion Nash Nash, Benjamin Marion
  Jack Kenneth Nash Nash, Jack Kenneth
  Joseph Henry Nash Nash, Joseph Henry
  Neal Michael Nasser Nasser, Neal Michael
  Richard Joseph Naudack Naudack, Richard Joseph
  John Wesley Naugle Naugle, John Wesley
  Donald Emery Nault Nault, Donald Emery
  Frank Thomas Nave Nave, Frank Thomas
  Norman Wilfrid Naylor Naylor, Norman Wilfrid
  George Gilbert Nazay Nazay, George Gilbert
  Donald Joseph Naze Naze, Donald Joseph
  Kenneth Eugene Nearman Nearman, Kenneth Eugene
  George Melvin Needham Needham, George Melvin
  Percy Neel Neel, Percy
  William Skelly Neill Neill, William Skelly
  Clayton Edward Nelson Nelson, Clayton Edward
  Elmer Wilhelm Nelson Nelson, Elmer Wilhelm
  Richard Lee Nelson Nelson, Richard Lee
  Robert Edward Nelson Nelson, Robert Edward
  Samuel Nelson Nelson, Samuel
  William Severin Nelson Nelson, William Severin
  Harvey Lorne Nesbitt Nesbitt, Harvey Lorne
  Dominic Joseph Nesh Nesh, Dominic Joseph
  George William Ness Ness, George William
  Sidney Allen Nester Nester, Sidney Allen
  Encarnacion Nevarez Nevarez, Encarnacion
  Joseph Robert Newberry Newberry, Joseph Robert
  Arthur G. Newcomb Newcomb, Arthur G.
  Albert Kenneth Newsome Newsome, Albert Kenneth
  Howard Newsome Newsome, Howard
  Archie Vernon Newton Newton, Archie Vernon
  Raymond Barnard Newton, Jr. Newton, Raymond Barnard, Jr.
  Clyde William Nichols Nichols, Clyde William
  Harvey Edward Nichols Nichols, Harvey Edward
  John Thomas Nichols, Jr. Nichols, John Thomas, Jr.
  Joseph Gordon Nicholson Nicholson, Joseph Gordon
  William Gerard Nicholson Nicholson, William Gerard
  Harry Clark Nickel Nickel, Harry Clark
  John Richard Niclas Niclas, John Richard
  Gordon Linden Nicoll Nicoll, Gordon Linden
  Jacob Niedwrski Niedwrski, Jacob
  Frank Leroy Niles Niles, Frank Leroy
  Richard Arthur Niles Niles, Richard Arthur
  Phillip Jeffrey Nisevich Nisevich, Phillip Jeffrey
  William Glen Nitz Nitz, William Glen
  Clinton Leroy Nivison Nivison, Clinton Leroy
  Charles Fredrick Nixon Nixon, Charles Fredrick
  Russell Bedsworth Nixson Nixson, Russell Bedsworth
  Charles Fredrick Noble Noble, Charles Fredrick
  Robert S. Noble Noble, Robert S.
  John Wesley Nobles Nobles, John Wesley
  Emery Lee Nocks Nocks, Emery Lee
  Franklin Merrill Nodland Nodland, Franklin Merrill
  Paul Louis Noonan Noonan, Paul Louis
  Walter Jack Noonis Noonis, Walter Jack
  David Harold Nordhof Nordhof, David Harold
  Robert Nelson Norford Norford, Robert Nelson
  Francis Benjamin Norman Norman, Francis Benjamin
  Elmer Andrew Norris Norris, Elmer Andrew
  John Daniel Norris Norris, John Daniel
  Malcolm Partlow Norris Norris, Malcolm Partlow
  Robert Ray Norris Norris, Robert Ray
  James Thomas Northam Northam, James Thomas
  Joseph Hayes Northam Northam, Joseph Hayes
  Owen Nottage Nottage, Owen
  Cyril Robert Novotny Novotny, Cyril Robert
  Hyman Alvin Nowacki Nowacki, Hyman Alvin
  Phillip Edward Nowak Nowak, Phillip Edward
  Thomas William Nowviock Nowviock, Thomas William
  Solomon Joseph Numair Numair, Solomon Joseph
  Robert Lee Nutt Nutt, Robert Lee
  Frank Robert Nystrom Nystrom, Frank Robert
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